Thursday, 30 June 2011

What a day.

Wow what a crappy day.

Too much driving. I do not want to drive or be a passenger in a car for a longgg time.

This morning I had to drive from Secrets, to the Kwinana Depot, from the Kwinana Depot to Kensington, then from Kensington be a passenger in my bosses car until Henderson, then worked a few hours, then from Henderson be a passenger in a car to pick up my car in Kwinana.

THEN because of the rain the depot flooded and I had to try to figure out how to get to my car without getting drenched as it was too flooded for me to walk to my car from the front of the office, so I walked all the way around the office, onto the footpath and then when I was on the footpath island in front of my car I took off my shoes and rolled up my pants so I could walk through the flooded water to get to my car door and as I was rolling up my pant leg a truck drove past exceptionally close and fast to the footpath Island and DRENCHED me from head to toe! So THEN I had to call work and tell them i'd be an extra hour, I drove from Kwinana to Secrets, got changed in a microsecond and jumped back into my car and headed back to work where I got to baldivis and then my boss called and told me not to worry about coming back in today. 

Ughhhhhhhhh sooo bad! It was just a crappy day and now I'll be laughed at, at work tomorrow for being retarded. 

Now I'm spending my afternoon washing and hanging up clothes inside the house because it's raining. 

Tuesday, 28 June 2011

Back to F-ing my life

The place with the tyre swing just emailed me saying that the owners don't allow more than 20 people on the property. 

And back to the foetal position I go.

Soooo I don't have a scanner.

I decided to draw my latest vision of the ceremony, All the dimensions are off and I couldn't fit stuff on the page and I don't have a scanner so I took photos on my webcam - genius.

Anyway it's supposed to be TB and I at the alter under the cutesy wooden sign 'Wow I found you' (came up with that when I was driving. I'm so clever and highlarious when I drive. Anywho, and it's supposed to show petals down the aisle with candles in jars but majority of it didn't like fit on the webcam or it was just too hard. 

Enjoy my amazingly talent drawing (not!) lol. I can't draw faces or hands or shoes. 

Monday, 27 June 2011

This could work.

Ok so after my rant yesterday I tried searching venues again. I quickly gave up and went back into my foetal position BUT then I remembered a I answered a girl at works phone last week and it was a guy from a downsouth rental house place that was calling to confirm her booking, so I called her and she told me a website, I had a look and there was a house on a large property surrounded by bush land. So I emailed the contact and asked if they would allow receptions to take place there and the guy said that they have previously allowed it. 
He asked me the number of guests and I gave a rough estimate and now i'm just waiting for a call back.

Sneak Peak:

A tire swing?! UM SOLDDDDD!
Anyway would definitely put this in my 'go have a look at' folder when Tallboy and I go to Margaret River. The only other one I keep thinking of is Casa Del Franco. Apart from that i'm not enthused or blown away by anything but that's because when I see a venue similar to caversham house I just think 'F you, not even going to bother asking for a package because I know you'll be dreamdestroyingripyouoffgalore.' 

Here is also an update of must have cutesy factor things that I'm going to have in the wedding:

  • Wooden letters - I'm going to have wooden letters spelling something tied between trees on string above us at our 'alter' they'll say something cute from a lyric from a Brand New or TBS song. 
  • Moss letters at the start of the Aisle on each side with giant 'A's covered in Moss.
  • Candles in glass jars lining the aisle.
  • Candles in glass jars going down the tables as the centre pieces. 

I also need to ensure that I hire a horse. Oh Pablo.

Saturday, 25 June 2011

Zilla moment #2

F getting married. 
It's so stupid.
Finding venues is stupid.
Finding venues that are nice on a budget is stupid.
Being on a budget and not being a millionaire is stupid.

I want to cry.

Am I the only bride-to-be that hates weddings because of how stupid they are?

I keep thinking, don't be materialistic, it's about the love. It's true, it is about the Love, I love TB with all my little black heart. I'd marry him in a carpark in a garbage bag if I had to... but I don't have to. I am materialistic. I want 'Nice, elegant & Pretty' but I want it for freeeeeeeee.

FML. Stupid. stupid. stupid.

Word of the day: stupid. 

wedding songs and procrastination.

I've been trying to think of wedding songs, however I'm a girl in love with Punk Rock and Emo music soooo majority of my itunes songs are screamo or about heartache rather than love songs.

So when you put me, the internet and wedding songs together you just get procrastination. I'm SO good at that.

Example A:

I LOVE Degrassi haha well I only loved it because of the characters, Craig and Ashley and I love this song by Howie Day. It makes me all like 'awwwww' but I don't think it's weddingy, I think 'Collide' is more about picking up a relationship time and time again and TB and I haven't really ever had to do that. 

Sigh... the search continues. So over it. 

Friday, 24 June 2011

Another Reading.

I just wrote this(One line is from a TBS song lyric that I love), thinking that I want something cute as a reading at the wedding.
Not sure if it's too lame, I think its ok.

She's a little predictable and at the same time she's got this silly way of keeping you on the edge of your seat.
She laughs at her own jokes more than she should.
She isn't flawless and you shouldn't want her to be. 
Tell her when she's being moronic and tell her when she's in your space, she won't intentionally be like a shadow but she'll always have your back.
She won't be obsessed with thoughts of you but when she does that classic smirk will appear on her face and it appears often. When she tells you that she loves you, listen, when she tells you that she's sorry accept it and when she needs you be there for her be there because she's not a girl that will lie to you, she's the one that will lay with you until the sun turns cold. 

Thursday, 23 June 2011

Update dayyyyy

So I feel like I haven't done a proper blog in a while. You know, one that's about how our wedding plans are going and new thoughts etc? Well hold onto you're seatsssss this is going to be one hell of a blog!...
I'm totes lying. This is just going to be a random semi related to wedding topic blog type, blog.

- Side note, I just heard that Obama is going to take the troops out of America starting now and hoping to end by 2014. FAR OUT. That's great news. Yay for the troops going home, now do the same for the Aussies. Woot Woo. -

Anyway first about my week at work - it has been amazingly insane, I've been so, so, SO busy (which I love) & it's just been so good, i've been really happy there this week. I'm hoping that this will be a positive turn and will continue on like this.

Second, how hard is it for people to spell 'You're' correctly?
Quick lesson kids:
Your - of or relating to oneself
You're - Contraction of You Are.

Next topic, Love who you want to love, how you want to love for as long as you can love. Nobody needs a piece of paper to prove that they are a family or that they love each other. But everyone DESERVES the choice to get that piece of paper if they want it.
I'm sick of all the 'Gay Marriage' topics out there in the paper - I'm sick of it because I believe that gays and lesbians deserve everything that heterosexual couples have. The only problem with 'Gay Marriage' is the marriage part, it's not like people go to 'gay work' or have 'gay dinner' and walk their 'Gay pets.' A recent poll on the 7pm project showed that 73% of Aussies are all for the happy love.
I'm all for the love, each to their own opinion.

I have now completely forgotten my other topics. I was going to do a wedding update, wasn't I? I guess by now everyone is aware of how much I like to procrastinate.

So moving on.

If I could do a completely stupid wedding I so would. When I say stupid I mean like completely ridiculous. I think it would be completely highlarious if Tallboy and I spent the ceremony saying cheesy pick up lines to each other....

TB: Did it hurt?
Me: Did what hurt?
TB: When you fell from heaven.
Me: *witch cackle laugh* eheheheheheeeeEEEEeee

Me: Do you have a map?
TB: No, why?
Me: Because I keep getting lost in your eyes.

OK you get the point. IT'S FUNNY.... I think i'm seriously talented in being entertaining.

Anywho, last few new ideas (P.S - we won't be doing the pick up line thing, that's just something I created in my head when I was driving home)

So I am thinking of writing a cutesy little reading, to be read at the wedding similar to the last entry.
I am also thinking that if we get catering that don't supply plates, cuttlery etc. I could buy bulk plates from ebay and decorate them with our names and then put scroll type writing down the bottom stating 'love birds' or something cute.

That's it for now. A bit of a random blog but you get that with me. No new wedding venues sourced, no new food ideas, no new budget ideas.

The end for now.

Tuesday, 21 June 2011

The Truth

"He's not perfect. 
You aren't either and the two of you will never be perfect. 
But if he can make you laugh at least once, causes you to think twice, and if he admits to being human and making mistakes, hold onto him and give him the most you can.
 He isn't going to quote poetry, he's not thinking about you every moment, but he will give you a part of him he knows you can break. 
Don't hurt him, don't change him and don't expect more than he can give. 
Don't analyse. 
Smile when he makes you happy, yell when he makes you mad and miss him when he's not there. 
Love hard when there is love to be had, because perfect guys don't exists, but there is always one guy who is perfect for you." 

I will have this read at my wedding. 

Sunday, 19 June 2011

Pro Tip

Choose your ceremony venues carefully.

Ok, ok lets cheer up

Ok so I'm being a little dramatic again, I don't have to think about that stupid list until the venue and date are set at least. Sooo let's move on.

Things that make me a happy Panda

Things about wedding I like:

  • The union of two people. Two completely different people wanting to start their lives together.
  • How happy the Bride and Groom are on the day the first time that they see each other.
  • Supportive Bridesmaids that actually care.
  • Handsome groomsmen that are genuinely happy for their Mate to be getting 'hitched'
  • Love songs and dancing.
  • Funny speeches.
  • Wedding Gowns.
  • That 'weddingy' feeling and the happiness it brings guests on the night.
Some random, slightly wedding related pictures.

Pride and Prejudice - When I was in year 12 I used to watch this on ABC with my Mum, we just loveddddd Mr Darcy, we were hooked on this Jane Austin classic. It was a really special time, we would just sit and gossip through it and it was so sweet. Having a Wedding without her being here is the hardest thing that I'll have to go through but i'll never forget her and the family i'm marrying into are so supportive and loving.
Oh Mr Darcy you are so dreamy. TB is my Mr Darcy, both this one and in Bridget Jones (But of course) except he's not moody or grumpy or stubborn, he's just dreamy.

Seriously go and see 'Bridesmaids' 

Owww HAHAHAHAH Ok, this is ridiculous BUT I have rough collies so I had to put this picture up.

This is why Weddings make me a sad panda...

Oh my lord! The planning....

I will cross out what has been done so far... (We are currenly 6 months into being engaged, still without a set date or venue - so majority of this may not apply)

11 Months

  • Arrange for both families to meet and celebrate if possible
  • Purchase a wedding organiser and some magazines for some inspiration
  • Plan the engagement party for no more than 3 months from your announcement. Set a date, chose a location and decide on a guest list. Create invitations and send to guests.
  • Record cards and gifts received and send personalised thank you notes - Yes, I'm a terrible person, I recorded all the names but have not sent out thank you notes.
  • Decide on a wedding budget
  • Start guest list
  • Determine time frame for your wedding date. Choose a few dates that don't conflict with other events taking into consideration that some guests may need to travel long distances.
  • Choose a colour scheme. Collect ideas and create an inspiration board including colours, themes and styles
  • Shortlist your venues for the ceremony
  • Shortlist your venues for the reception
  • Book ceremony venue and record payment in your budget planner
  • Book venue and record payment in your budget planner

10 Months

  • Begin looking for a dress
  • Begin looking for a celebrant that suits your style, theme and personality  TB's uncle is a Pastor so he will marry us! It will be soooo good.
  • Choose your bridal party and formally ask them to be in your bridal party - Half done... Is not working out as well and as magical as I first thought it would in my head.

9 Months

  • Shortlist photographers - I have the most amazing Photographer in the world PLEASE CHECK HIM OUT -
  • Shortlist videographer I would love a videographer but probably not able to afford it.
  • Shortlist Florist Pish to a Florist. On the day i'm going to a florist shop and buying flowers to make my own bouquet. 
  • Shortlist Band/DJ

8 Months

  • Investigate bridal registries
  • Book Photographer
  • Book Florist
  • Book Videographer

7 Months

  • Research accommodation options for out of town guests
  • Send out "save the date cards"
  • Select dress and pay deposit, recording the payment in your budget planner
  • Shortlist Cake suppliers

6 Months

  • Research invitation or stationary supplier. Decide on a theme that covers all aspects of the stationary. Invitations, RSVP cards, name cards and thank you cards
  • Meet with ceremony musicians and discuss music choices for ceremony

5 Months

  • Book hair and makeup artist and any pre wedding beauty therapies that are needed (waxing, spray tanning, manicures etc)
  • Gather bridesmaids for dress shopping or fittings
  • Gather the Groom and Groomsmen for suit fittings. Record any deposits paid
  • Book accommodation for your wedding night (make sure it’s the honeymoon suite!)
  • Prepare detailed accommodation options for out of town guests catering to as many tastes and budgets as possible
  • Plan and Book your honeymoon. Remembering to check the weather and make sure you book the honeymoon suite!

4 Months

  • Purchase accessories for the day including jewelry, veil, shoes, underwear and handbags
  • Finalise hair and makeup with artist

3 Months

  • Confirm bouquets, button holes and ceremony flowers with florist ensuring your flowers will be either "in season" or available on the day
  • Finalise bridal party accessories including shoes, handbags and jewelery for bridesmaids and ties, Cufflinks and socks for groomsmen
  • Find jeweler to make wedding bands
  • Finalise bridal registry and obtain cards to include with invitations
  • Design and create bomboniere
  • Book wedding cars/transportation

2 Months

  • Finalise guest list
  • Finalise invitation wording, font and style
  • Finalise menu
  • Bride maids to organise hens night (provide a list of names and addresses)
  • Obtain travel visas for international honeymoon. Check passport validity
  • Decide on readings for ceremony and ask readers to be a part of the day (the longer they have to rehearse the better)
  • Schedule dress fittings with dressmaker for the last 3 fittings
  • Supply full guest list to Maid of honour and best man for bridal shower/kitchen tea and rehearsal events
  • Send out invitations

1 Month

  • Confirm travel arrangements have been made for out of town guests
  • Finalise ceremony programs and have them printed
  • Obtain legal requirements and ensure all paperwork is completed before the deadline
  • Purchase guest book
  • Bridal party gifts (don't forget you ushers, readers, close family, flower girls, ring bearers and the celebrant)
  • Write your vows and send to celebrant to review I've already written my vows

4 Weeks

  • Arrange rehearsal with entire bridal party and celebrant
  • Finalise play list for DJ (if you don't want to provide a full play list, supply "genres"
  • Finalise play and "do not play" songs with live music band including : introduction, first dance, cake cutting, father/daughter dance and last dance.
  • Finalise ceremony music selections and send the list to your ceremony musicians.
  • Final accessories including hairpiece and jewelery
  • Collect wedding rings make sure you try them on!
  • Create a wedding day schedule covering off all elements including bridal party and suppliers.
  • Final dress fitting
  • Finalise readings and any other special touches to the day
  • Finalise numbers for the reception
  • Provide reception venue with running sheet on suppliers and when to expect them
  • Create a seating chart and provide details to reception venue including any signage that may be required
  • Confirm pick up details with florist
  • Prepare toasts and speeches
  • Send addresses to transport/car suppliers
  • Confirm times and locations with photographer/videographer
  • Provide photographer with a list of must have pictures (include parents, special guests etc)
  • Shop and pack for your honeymoon (make sure you check the weather!)
  • Put together an emergency kit (aspirin, makeup, hairspray, safety pins, mints, band aids)
  • Deliver place cards, guest book, pens, cake knife, toasting flutes, and all other reception items at the reception venue.
So to sum it up FML. 

Friday, 17 June 2011

Short Blog

Only a short blog tonight, I'm exhausted, delusional and have an extremely sore throat. So this entry will probably be really boring, i'm not a particularly 'witty' person when I'm being a sook. I usually just mumble and Tallboy lets me have a whinge and then he'll leave me alone to relax.

I've had a nightmare week at work. I work 9 hours a day, Monday to Friday, 7.30am to 5pm and after a week like this one I am barely staying awake. I feel like a drone and I only just got over being sick about 8 days ago so to go back to having a sore throat it is a drag.

I also drained myself out blogging hardcore last weekend so that's why I haven't really touched the blog lately.

So to sum it up here are the things I learned this week:

  • Waking up and 6am and getting home at 6pm is a bit of a drag.
  • I love cooking when I get home but the best idea ever is the slowcooker OR something you can put in the oven for an hour. You get so much more done around the house that way rather than standing in the kitchen waiting for things to cook.
  • The deli near my work sells THE BEST homemade soup ever.
  • The girls in the HR department at work are so much fun and I got to do tiny little HR things this week when I ran out of work to do.
  • I have never in my life been 'clucky' until Frenchie brought his baby into work, she is beautifullllll. I have always been awkward and uncomfortable around babies and children even young teens but his baby was just precious - wow I sound like a nana, precious. 
  • I am not a fan of lemsip.
  • I have way too many dresses that I only wear once.
  • Sometimes I can be a bit of a snob and want to be treated like a Princess.
  • I have way too many clothes that I buy without trying on, try them on at home, hate them and never take them back.
  • I bought a book to read & I can't be bothered reading it.
Wow that is a really boring entry. I'll put something weddingy in here tomorrow or something. 

I'm going to go pass out on a bench now. 

Sunday, 12 June 2011

I feel a Zilla moment coming on.

I have a headache that makes me want to hammer rusty nails into my temples. So painful and I can't get it to fade out.

I just came home from a lovely date with Harry Potter, she is one of my Bridesmaids, we had a date at the movies and went and saw the movie 'Bridesmaids' it was highlarious. Then from there I went to see Pa and print out some documents, wedding packages and general wedding stuff (just remembered I forgot to print out a check list - stupid headache clouding my judgement) and from there tried to explain what i'm looking for our Wedding, and then I also did a draft budget.

We really should be able to get the basics for what we want but i'm stressing out about everything. It's SO stupid. It should be illegal to stress this early, aren't you supposed to stress like last minute about all the little details? Seriously F my lift right now.

It is so ridiculous from the budget, bridesmaids, guests, interfering by standers, an ex bali wedding planner who is being retarded and doesn't know how to deal with the real situations that a business brings you and overcharging venues where do you start?

I should just be friends with an anorexic and sober community so then I wouldn't have to worry about the price of drink and food.

Some people say i'm over dramatic.

I hate weddings, I think they are stupid. I hate that I don't really hate them and that they aren't really that stupid.

'Pretty' shouldn't be expensive. Stupid jerkface venue owners.

Anyway everyone should go and see this. I'm going to go back to foetal position now and rock in a dark corner somewhere. (I'm not that over dramatic)

Saturday, 11 June 2011

Venue Choices

Being on a fairly strict budget does mean that you have to be sensible with your choices. You have to make as many smart decisions as possible.

So we (well i'm not going to lie, I) have ruled out a lot of gorgeous locations because they are just too expensive.

For anyone out there on a different budget the following might be perfect for you (If you live in Perth that is):

Not right for us but could be perfect for you:

This is closer to what we are thinking at the moment:
I have also just found out that a few of my family members own farms about 3 hours out of Perth and then my Pa has friends about 2 hours away in another direction that also have farms so there could still be options to speak to those people and see if anyone would allow us to host the venue there. 

Skillzzzz - I have them.

Totes found the amazing photo of how good TB and I are at dancing. 
oOoooOOoooOoo We are SO good. 
I was all like: 'Heyyyy check out my moves.'
and he was all like: 'Are you actually retarded? Are you having a seizure right now?'
YUP! That's how good I am.

Bi-Polar Much?

LOL! So I'm happy again.

If there is one thing that can always make me smile it's Journeys song - Don't Stop Believing, cheesiness and people who can not dance!

Exhibit A:

It's SO nice to see people who can be completely geeky together and not care about anyone else.

Ah Love, how ridic you are.

WOW - Shit just got real.

I honestly hate the bullshit that comes with weddings.

In particular I hate the cost, of course i'm a realistic person and I know you can't expect to feed 10, 100, 1000 however many guests for free, you can't expect to use someones land without securing a bond or deposit and you can't be expected to get married looking like you've fallen out of bed (Unless you're into that sort of thing.)

But seriously, you put Wedding into the title of something and vendors and companies just want to break out in song and dance and be all in your face like 'Yessssssss Biatch, we gonna take all your bling so you can get another ring, ring dingggg a lingggg, Mr-World-Wide, bitchez.'

I mean seriously over $5,000 JUST for a ceremony and a celebrant? Are you kidding me?
A bare minimum of $6,600 to feed guests not including drink.
A budget of $10,000 well get ready to un-invite some people and get the hell ready for a pervefest it looks like the Bridal parties going to rock up nude. Streaking all night.

I know you can get the basics for cheap you know, you can get married in a registry office and you can get a basic gown, and you can choose not to have bridesmaids, but where is the in-between.

What do you do if you're a simple girl and all you like is pretty and eloping isn't an option and you do want some nice things?

Here is what you have to do - You have to have a reality check and you have to keep looking for cheaper options, cheaper doesn't mean it isn't better. It just unfortunately means that you can't have it all.

Love shouldn't be so materialistic, but on occasions like 'The Big Day' it's the most materialistic thing of all.

Now end of that little rant. Let's look at pretty things and deal with reality later.

It will all be worth it. We will figure it out. :)

Want to know how to make a D.I.Y wedding easy?


Oh my god! I've just had a quick look and already i've seen things that are most probably going to be required.

You can buy 100 favour boxes for $40 and they are cute and look like little jewellery boxes that you get from Tiffany & Co! Perfect.
They have the Chinese Bobble Lanterns - SOLD! 
Silk petals.
Glass Jam Jars.
Tea candles in bulk.

You better start calling me 'your Majesty' because I am going to be the Queen of Do-it-yourself.

Thank you eBay! I knew I was addicted to you for a reason. 

Friday, 10 June 2011


This is the wedding that I am dreaming of pretty much exactly to a 'T'
I don't even have the words to describe how this makes me feel. If anything I love it so much that my stomach drops because I doubt i'll find a location like this for a budget and location like mine.
So while I go and get into the foetal position to rock myself to sleep, enjoy looking at what dreams are made of...
oh Pablo 

New Rule.

Not only must we have a 'rustic' style wedding... I also need a HORSE.
I will name him Pablo and love him forever.
I purely want one for photo - ops.
Ugh, LOVE IT & love the tall grass. Why are these locations only in the hills of American states on google, stupid google.

I suck at life

So i'm trying to find a wedding venue. I want something rustic. Long grass and fields, under the stars, bushland etc.
I'm trying to find a large property so I'm on google, I make the search simple.

I find this location.
It looks good.

Then I notice it says 'located in LORNE' so I google map the shit out of that.....


I'm hungry

Oh lord! I am famished.
Want to know what this bride-to-be's diet is? - You do!?

So today I had
x2 hashbrowns for breakfast - the breakfast of champions.
x1 bowl of noodles for lunch.
My, how vegetarian of me today.

mmmmm gorge-tastic.

anyway I am so hungry, so only a quick blog tonight.

LOOK OUT DANCE FLOOR! TB and I are going to burn through you on our wedding night, check out our dance moves one month into our relationship..........

wow what a let down, guess who still sucks with technology! I thought i'd saved the picture but didn't then I thought I still had the email it was on, but I don't.


I am so good at this.


Imagine seeing a ridiculously tall, goofy and fluffy-haired Giant (6 foot 8) and then an Average girl with the dancing skills of an anorexic Oompa Lumpa together on a dance floor.

Yep what an epic picture.

Good Imagination guys.

Thursday, 9 June 2011

Wedding No-No's and a brilliant wedding video!


Just randomly found some funny things that make me cringe (with exception to the video - it's brilliant. Amazing what money and good computer skills can give you.)

The No-No

Don't let Grandpa hail hitler at your wedding.

Don't dance with your Bride like this...

Or it could lead to your turning into an Asian who wants to commit suicide.

And now for the video. 
Firstly because I love the Black Eyed Peas (thanks Dad - he bought me concert tickets to go and see them 2 years ago and they were amazing) and second because It's so clever anddddd the old men it in. It's prettt-aayyyy funny!

Hurrah! I'm Clever.

It's amazing how far pushing buttons and fiddling with things can get you.

I can now put up pictures. YAYYYYYYY for me!


So now I am going to attempt a visual journey.

Up until about 2 - 3 weeks ago i'd always wanted a wedding held at a beach on the sand. I always thought I don't care what happens, it HAS to be a beach wedding.... Yeah, nah. So not into that at the moment anymore. Never ever thought that, that would have been the case.
About 4 months ago I was obsessed with the Westin hotel ceremony in Nusa Dua Bali.

I wanted this style more than anything (Light blush pink colour of course)
I was set on it for about 2 months and was completely set on it. Further to this we established that the ceremony alone at that particular hotel was about 3k Australian... for a 15 minute ceremony - I don't think so. So that then put us on a new path.

Rip off the same ceremony but do it at a beach restaurant and have the reception there too! I was very excited by this for the money factor. We found a restaurant that would accommodate our request.... I hated the look of it at day time, to me it looked cheap and nasty but by night it looked amazing and romantic.

This is the day time set up.
But at night time it's as if someone slipped you a magical drug that makes you think you're on a beach in mexico, sure it's a little rough but it's simple, it's on the beach and it's under the stars and it's got the one thing all weddings need, a dance floor!

Even though I wasted the wedding planners time, I think it's an important lesson to would be brides and grooms, if you have a gut feeling stick to it. Even though I liked the night time set up, I hated how it looked during the day. Stick to your gut and don't be pressured into something you don't want, love or think is worth the money.

From looking back at this i've realised the following things:

I don't want a Bali wedding.
I don't want a reception to be held on sand.
I don't wan't to be charged 3k for a 15 minute reception.
I do want a dance floor.
I do want an outdoor reception (I think)
I like the idea of petals and candles lining the walk down the aisle.
I love those chinese bobble lantern things.
At the end of the day I just want TB to be happy and to have an amazing day all the guests and to get amazing photos by Jimmy from Izo Photography.

fffffff you macbook pro!

I hate my macbook pro and how the smallest things challenge me! I can't figure out how to save pictures using the Macbook. I can drag it onto the desktop but it saves the whole page, then I can press control and right click but again it saves the whole page not the picture.


Stupid technology!

Totes just wrote my wedding vows too. Can't believe they ended up being the easiest thing, it just flowed and felt so true. I thought they'd be the hardest. They're sooo cute. I love writing. woo.

Wednesday, 8 June 2011


AMAZINGNESS through a lens.

My wedding photographer is amazingggggggggggggg. His photo's make me swoon. - I highly recommend that everyone check him out.

As soon as I can link photos i'll add some of my favourite. Tallboy and I get to do an engagement shoot when we get ourselves together...eventually.

I'm going to eBay search for Michael Jackson stuff I don't need and won't buy now.



I have it.

I figured out today that since being engaged I have changed what I want for my wedding about seventy three and a half million times.

Top idea changes:
1. Have the wedding Bali (Tallboy's idea. I want no part of it. Canned that idea.)
2. Have the wedding in Perth. (TB hated my idea.
3. No have the wedding in Bali  (Ok I came around) - hire a bali wedding planner, do heaps of research, choose a venue, fall in love, leave it three weeks, fall out of love. Cancel the planner and previous ideas.
4. Have the wedding in PERTH!
5. Fall in love with a Venue in Swan Valley - do research, love the place, get all amazing ideas and start dreaming away of how perfect the day will be..... find out the price.... cancel the dream.
6. Have the wedding in Margaret River - Find a venue that is gorgeous, think of a theme, find it all fits and then email them to find out that they won't let you have a private caterer.
7. have a 'zilla' moment and stop caring about the wedding for the millionth time.
8. Elope and go to vegas.
9. Have a brilliant idea to hire a massive amount of land and figure out the rest later.
10 - We are figuring out the rest later.

I love being clueless. Yay for me!

Tuesday, 7 June 2011


It's funny, I wanted to write a wedding blog 'how to / whingebook' for so many reasons. Mainly to put up photos of what I love and to write down idea's and of course to rant. Yet now that i've created the blog it's as if I have nothing to say.

Hopefully i'll feel inspired to write more soon.

Hopefully i'll figure out how to use my laptop properly so I can upload photos of things I love.

I am really excited for my wedding, to walk down that aisle and to see Tallboys face but there is also so much stress that comes with it. I'm 6 months in, to being engaged and I didn't think it was possible for stress to become a factor so early. I have a new idea for the venue and location so maybe after a bit more research i'll have a better idea of what i'm doing.

Thursday, 2 June 2011

Eff you blogging

Ok well I said this would be a whingebook! A place for me to rant!!!

I just spent so long writing a post about 'The Proposal' and how Tallboy asked me in New York on Christmas Eve and it was a long post and then I pressed a wrong button and it's gone!


The proposal was so genuine and lovely and shocking that I wanted to pass out and be sick and scream all at the same time. But now this blog has annoyed me so i'll write about it properly another time.

Please note - this is not a 'zilla' moment, this is just me sucking at life and failing with technology.

How it all started...

I'm twenty three years old, newly and happily engaged but I am clueless.

I never in my life actually thought I would be engaged so young (to me 23 is young!) I always figured i'd be a career woman, see the world and get married closer to 27 - 30 years old. However, since when has life ever gone according to plan?

I was twenty years old when I met Tallboy, I met him at my friends house and he was friends with her older brother, in the three years i'd been hanging out with my friend, i'd never met, heard of, or even seen him and I'm sure it was the same for Tallboy. I went to my friends house for pre-drinks before we went to run havoc on the local night club and he was in the living room hanging out with the boys. I remember I was sitting in there with them for only a short time and he was high-larious. He was just a random person and that instantly made me interested. He was funny, tall and cute - brown hair and blue eyed.

After this first meeting we had a few encounters and eventually went on a date, after that I freaked out a bit, I was always such a commitmentphobe and I liked to keep my distance whenever things got close to going anywhere. So of course I put up a wall and was consistently hot and cold but Tallboy was way too smart for me, he just played it cool and made it seem like he didn't care. I took his space giving as him not being interested in me and of course chased after him again. After about two months of this we decided to give it a shot and here we are planning a wedding.

*A lesson to learn from this - treat them mean, keep them keen. 

Being with Tallboy hasn't stopped me from doing what I thought i'd be doing at 30.
We've seen amazing parts of the world together and I probably wouldn't have done that so young without him. We've been through a lot of tough situations and made it through and he's pushed me to try and succeed more.

No couple is perfect. I've found someone who has matched my imperfections, imperfectly.