Tuesday, 27 September 2011


I can't wait to get married now!
I still have so much to do, I wish I wouldn't procrastinate so much.
I'm so exhausted right now.
I haven't gone to the gym at all this week. I could not get out of bed yesterday morning and this morning i'd had a shocking sleep. i've been doing shakes pretty well but still eating one meal a day, yes this week I broke down a bit and binged on junk but it was due to being tired and doing the wrong thing to try and get sugar highs to keep me motivated.
Anyway I'm going to try and go tomorrow morning but this weather is shocking and I can feel myself perhaps being a little reluctant. I think that if I get the good sleep that I've been yearning for I should be ok. Some of my clothes have started to be a bit smaller and my legs aren't as disgusting as they've previously been, I could step into my wedding gown instead of having to have it put on over my head. So there are some good changes. I just need to get back on my motivation train.
toooottttt toootttttt (or whatever noise trains make etc)

Monday, 26 September 2011

Wedding Posttttttt

Yay finally a wedding post!!!

Twinner and Grae Grae got married on Saturday and it was the most perfect wedding ever! Oh my goodness, it has put so much in perspective for our big day and I am so pleased that two of my oldest friends allowed me to be a part of their life after me being absent in theres for a few too many years.

The day was absolutely perfect, I just can not use any other word for it. They had a ceremony in a beautiful park, the weather had been terrible all week but the sun came out especially for them on their day. The park was next to a beautiful lake with a picturesque fountain and a feature bridge. Twinner came over the bridge and stunned us all with her gorgeous glowing smile in a glorious dress that clung to her model frame perfectly. All of the boys were wearing kilts and everyone was just stunned to see the two of them together. Kylie and I got so emotional during the vows and everyone was moved. You could not ask for a more matched couple.

After the ceremony while Twinner and Grae Grae went for photos, some of the guests and I went to the local pub to have a few drinks and start to get merry. I had an absolute blast. I only knew a handful of the guests but they all welcomed me with open arms and made me so included what wonderful people. Then I drove a few of us to my house and TB took us to the reception.

The reception was perfect, everything was white with simple colours and feature centre pieces that had the right dash of colour.  I dubbed our table the rowdy table as we clearly had the best guests ever seated with us.

The food was awesome and champagne flowed. We had a potato and leek soup for starter it was amazing! (Sorry guys at my wedding, No Soup For You! - haha we can't afford starters.) Then the main was a buffet type selection and my god, It had the BEST ceasar salad of my life! It was sooooo good, so good in fact that when Matt had left his seat his boyfriend and I decided to steal his salad and eat it all to ourselves. It was delish! Then desert was some coffee cake or something was far too drunk at that stage to have any food ettiquite and Matt got payback and stole mine anyway.

During this time there were highlarious speeches and Grae Grae's mum sang a song that Grae had written for Twinner it was amazing!! It sounded soooo good and I wish I could have heard Grae's version.

After that all the dancing occured and we all let loose! It was the best time ever. Everyone had a great time there was no drama, just good times and excellent company.

It went sooo fast, it made me sad how fast it went. I had to leave earlier than I would have liked because otherwise I would have been stranded there but I just wish that it could happen all over again.

Congratulations Twinner and Grae, you both deserve all the happiness in the world but now that you're married I'm pretty sure you already have it.

Friday, 23 September 2011


I almost cried during RPM today, I was exhausted from work and had a headache but I still went. I couldn't push myself or focus, I hated every minute and now I think my headache is turning into a migraine but i've never had one before but I don't know. I just want to be sick. I'm going to shut down, turn lights and the laptop off and hope that i'm better tomorrow for the wedding of the year.

Thursday, 22 September 2011

Positive Pat

Seeeee, I told you all to let me dwell and then I'd be ok, Didn't I?, Didnnn''tttttt Iiiii!?

Today was a GOOD day! I got up went to the gym and stuck to my routine, got to work had a shake. People told me that I looked nice today, which is always sweet. Then had a bit of work to do and actually kind of got a small victory from my boss finally signing off on a request - not training related - a software program that would make my life a lot easier and storage near my desk a lot neater, so I was happy about that, but then when I asked him if he thought I was highlarious (I'm seriously SO funny) he said that I was about 'as funny as cancer' um SIFFFFFFF. I told him off for saying that.


I am not a debbie downer today but I'm still directionless and don't know what I want to do.

In other news -

I don't really have a wedding update, just that we've decided not to have the reception fall straight after the ceremony, TB's family can stay and drink and then our other guests can go off and do their own thing for a few hours and come back. Makes me feel a lot better as I didn't have any entertainment planned.

Apart from that I'm going to dinner with TB tonight and I am sooo excited to attack the salad bar, those mini dinner bread rolls are mine!

I'm going to an amazing wedding on Saturday, I am going to take a trillion photos and I've also decided that in general I need to start taking more photos, I can't wait to get an iPhone5 as I still have the 3 :(.

Yay for a happy day and it almost being the weekend.

Wednesday, 21 September 2011

Pity party for one please...

Warning: Content of this blog will be very negative, whiney and includes some course language. I need to vent. The party always has a pooper and the pooper is me! Also when I have a pity party, do NOT try and make me feel better, do not throw rainbows and puppies in my face because I will punch the said hypothetical puppies and rainbows. Just be a downer Debbie with me for a while and thennnn after a day or two you may be positive and comforting with me.


I'm going to go and buy some cats and eat some food now.

The end of my Debbie Downer post, yayyyyyy for me. FML.

Saturday, 17 September 2011

She's got you high and you don't even know yet.

Ohh my goodness. I'm picking up my wedding dress today, less than an hour. Why am I nervous? I shouldn't be nervous and i'm worried, What If I don't love it anymore? What if it doesn't fit? What if I get make up on it? What if Harry hates it?
EEEEEEEeeeeeepppppp i'm freaking out.
Let the fun begin.

Friday, 16 September 2011


Oh god, how freaky.
I was looking at the Love love love song by Avalanche City, and then I went onto youtube for 'Somebody that I used to Know' By Gotye because I LOVE that song and needed to hear it, and also as I know Harry Potter and I will sing it on our roadtrip to get my wedding dress tomorrow (Harry sings Kimbra's lines) anywhooooo and this song DOES remind me of someone that I used to know and what's even freakier is that Goyte looks like the person the song reminds me of (just a friend, never a boyfriend or anything for those of you playing at home) but man sooo freakkyyyyy, so now I can't watch it because it scares me but dang, tomorrow in the car I'm sooo singing my parts amazing. Harry better get her singing voice on. Woo. I wish I could put a picture of Gotye and then a picture of the friend up here but that may be considered a little stalkerish. sooooo freaky.

Wedding Talk

 It's the etiquette of family invites.

What if the combined family numbers are huge? And the couple getting marrieds bank account is not? Ugh dilemma's. My problem is, that I have a big family, most of who I never see, most of who I want to invite to be polite but realistically would not be upset in the slightest if they weren't able to come due to them having their own family life to attend to. Same with Tallboy, not so much the 'never' see's part, he see's them all extremely regularly it's just the numbers. Numbers are what makes it so expensive.

A lot of people I've spoken to have said that they only invited friends, family and aunts and uncles no cousins. To me it's weird to invite aunts and uncles without cousins. Problem with my family is that due to the age different I was always the left out cousin. I was like 7 or 8 when they were 13 up to 28ish. I was the annoying little cousin that got left out and due to that I'm not exactly close to a lot of them, also our family never did massive family gatherings when I was growing up, only for Christmas and Easter maybe. And not only do we have cousins, we have second cousins. We need to be brutal and draw the line somewhere. My friend at work told me that I'd have to be really selfish with the guest list but i'd feel sooo guilty.

 It makes etiquette and my stupid gut instinct to want to please everyone really hard. I feel horrible even writing this but I don't know what to do. I think we'll just invite everyone and then just see what happens. A lot of people will have other things on and then maybe we could invite more friends. How shit is that? I just wrote that because of our large family I've left off friends. Well it's true, I've left off people that I don't see all the time but I saw them more often than family and I always have the best time with them. I have so many wonderful work friends new and old, I'd love to invite the work girls, they'd be sooo much fun but I can't. I'd love to invite my old work friends but I can't. It's so messy and upsetting. I just want to please everyone. I don't want to hurt anyones feelings and I don't want to cause a family rift. Blaaaahhhhhh, maybe I'm over looking it. Maybe I'm not. What do you do?

Stupid large families! :( Stupid age difference! :( Stupid not being a millionaire! :( I am going to try and adapt a 'the more the merrier approach' Yep! Sorted. I am going to do that from now on. The more the merrier…. and they can all eat air because I won't be able to afford to feed them. Yayyyy forrr usssssss.


Ok in other news, less freak-out-ish; the engagement shoot (which I still haven't booked) I had some cute ideas, I got my amazing banner the other day which says love is sweet on it. I'm hoping to have TB and I hold and end each in tall grass at Caversham, I think it'd look so simple and cute. Then also have another one with it wrapped around us. Also I want helium balloons and just all sorts of cutesy stuff.

Yay for being cute!!!

Thursday, 15 September 2011

Get your freakout on

Oh sheeeeeeettttt.
The wedding is roughly 7 months away.
Time to freak out.
No wedding bands.
No marquee.
No decorations.
No suits.
No cake.
No favours.
No invites.
No seating list.
hahaha and it goes on. I am freaking out. Oh dearrrrrr.
I just wish it were all done, my budget is through the roof and honestly it doesn't have the 'dream' wedding items on it, no luxurious silks or chandeliers for the marquee, no amazing garden chairs, no floral decorations (only bouquets), no excessive expensive champagnes and no live entertainment. How does it blow out soooooo much!?! I'm just hoping my equations are completely inaccurate… but I don't think they are.
All I want at the moment is too book our engagement shoot, I want to get dolled up and scrub up Tallboy and go into caversham and have gorgeous photos taken in tall grass, BUTTTT I don't want to look back at photos of me as a fatty. I've only lost 3.3kg, It's taking forever and I've lost motivation. It's hard. I know whinge whinge whinge. My life is SO hard (I'm being sarcastic there) I just have some really cute ideas for the engagement shoot but I honestly don't want photos of me being this big. I also don't want engagement photos too close to the wedding. So I'm needing to book it in the next two months. Sheeessshhhhhh.

Monday, 12 September 2011

Updattttteeeeee Dayyyyy

It's been a while since my last blog and again I forgot to read my last post to keep me updated on where i've been what i've been up to etc. Anyway hectic crazy few days lately.

Ok, So Thurs morning Tallboy left for Melbourne for the footy finals on a boys weekend only type thing (wasn't the happiest about it, earlier in the week, purely as I have wanted to go to Melb with him for months, anyway, he agreed to buy me a present or two so that sweetened the deal) so he left and I went to work. Friday night came home to a parcel at my door step. It was my wedding banners!!! They are beautiful, I adoreeeee them. Oh my goodness. They're just perfect 'country, rustic, romantic' just bliss, love love love them. So happy. Also chose the song I want to walk down the Aisle to, I just love it! See below - perfect and so me. 

Then I asked my friend to come round for some drinks and we caught up, little miss have a chat is what I will call her, she's a great girl. She stayed around til about 1am and then I had to pike because I had Twinners hen's night the next night. 

Saturday woke up and did some last minute things around the house, spent about an hour trying to find my knee high socks for my 1920's pin up costume for the hens party. Got to my Partner in crimes house and got ready. I met one of her good friends there Kylie. Kylie was lovely so friendly and sweet and we got on so well. It was set to be a wicked night. 

At the Hen's party everyone had made an amazing effort and dressed up, Twinner looked stunning and Partner in Crime pulled of the Sailor Girl Costume so well. We all drank a few cocktails and then had a burlesque dance lesson which was lots of fun, then we headed to Freo in a stretch limo and went to an amazing burlesque show. It was fantastic. The night ended rather early which was a bit of a shame as I was hoping to have a big one, but I ended up home safe and sound and that is always the best ending to a night.

Partner, Twinner and I 

Partner and Kylie

Partner and I 

In the morning as I didn't have Tallboy, I wasn't sure how i'd get my car. Luckily the gorgeous Harry Potter was able to take me to pick it up and we ended up having a fantastic breakfast. It was delicious and I made Harry a fan of Hollandaise sauce (best sauce ever!) Also my best friend from QLD called me and we had a quick catch up chat, it was awesome to talk to her after so long. 

Then after that I spent the rest of the day dying. It was a good weekend, took some really nice photos and had a good laugh. 

Tuesday, 6 September 2011


Just a quickie blog tonight because I'm tired and can't particularly see at the moment (woke up this morning with my eyes stuck together, had a shower and they were ok but my contact lenses wouldn't sit on cornea properly so had to wear glasses - better not be conjunctivitis) my eyes ended up ok for majority of the day, but then driving home from dinner and my left eye was drying out and became hard to see out of. It's ok at the moment now.

So I dropped off a costume for Twinners Hen's night on Saturday night to my partner in crime, then rushed to dinner with Harry Potter. I had a great time with Harry, she laughed at me while I ate myself silly with terrible dinner manners and I hopefully helped her de-stress about uni. I love my Harry Potter.

Anyway, enough about that. I haven't blogged properly about our wedding plans for ages…. and guess what?!?!
It's not going to start up again now. Lol. Sucks to be you if you wanted a decent update.

This is our update:
We might have found a DJ. MIL found one that sounds really amazing.. now that i'm writing this I think I may have already mentioned it… (Note to self, read previous entries before writing new blogs) Anyway he sounds good, his website looks really professional and he's affordable. I think we should get him. Will have to look at his website again when my eyes don't hurt so much. But if we have the DJ done, then all we have to do is get staff etc which MIL can do and then the set up and decorations and then I don't have to think about itttttttttttt.


Sunday, 4 September 2011

Ok, so it's updateeee dayyyy

What a crazy busy week at work last week. Whew, it was intense, great to be so busy but very, very fragmented and unorganised for someone who is a P.A, my bad.

So after my crazy busy week, Friday night I chilled out. 
I rushed to a 5.30pm RPM class and then rushed home to shower, then rushed to my spray tan appointment (My spray tan lady is obsessed with my butt, because it doesn't have that 'crease' type thing, at first I thought it was weird but now I have a new found appreciation for my derriere, so thanks Jo.), then I finally got home at 8 and then at 8.30pm by the time i'd made dinner I was able to sit down and relax. Was a longggg day. All I did after that was read a magazine and watched bad t.v.

Saturday I woke up early and did general annoying housey type things, washing, dishes etc. Then I headed to my date with my partner in crime, we ended up in the city a little later than usual but that was fine. I got two HOT dresses, one is just amazing. It's got a plunging neckline, (perfect for my fakies) and it's got cut out material at the back and it's draping at the front it's sooo good for an hour glass figure that I'm rocking at the moment. Then the other one is a Bardot bandage dress a beige/light pink colour with a black bow around the waist - it's my project dress, right now it does look O.K on but if I keep up with healthy eating and RPM I feel in another month it will look wonderful on. So I'm very happy with my purchases. 
Fav moment of the day was when I lost my Burberry sunglasses, I was walking out of Myer and I was looking in my bag for my sunglasses and I couldn't find them. I was like, 'Shit, Chloe i've lost my sunglasses' so Chloe was so good and patiently walked me back to a few destinations and we asked at a few counters and checked the change rooms and then Chloe said, 'Ok retrace your steps, where else could they be?' so I explained where they could have been and I said 'When I tried on that last dress I hung them half on this side of my bag like…….' and then as I said that and showed Chloe my bag there they were, ummm FAIL! ahaha I felt like an idiot. Such a douche bag.  After that we went to a pub for a meal then headed home. 

Then I had to get ready for the SBL (State basketball league) wind up for TB and his friends (TB used to play SBL for four years, he quit last year and started footy this year) so that was lots of fun, I honestly had such a big day that all I did want to do was sit in my fat pants and have an early night. Once we were at the stadium it was fine, we just drank and chatted with everyone there. We got home at about 1amish. 

Then today, Sunday I spent majority of the day dying (the usual for me after a night of drinking.) Went to see my dad for Fathers day, then went to TB's dad's for fathers day, we all went to a park with TB's family and took all of our rough collie dogs to play it was wicked weather. Then we had a picnic and ate delicious kiwi fruits and chocolate cake. Then headed home.

It's been a busy weekend. 

I have decided that I will not be going to the gym each morning anymore, I do just get too warn out, I am going to do the three RPM Classes this week and I will weigh myself, if there is no difference I will go back to the mornings and nights, but If I do manage to lose some weight I will just stick with 3 RPMS a week. 

September is already crazy busy for me, I am catching up with Harry Potter on Tuesday night, then this Saturday is Twinners Hen's Day and Night, Then Saturday the 17th is He's-not-heavy-he's-my-brother's engagement party and then the 24th (following saturday) is Twinners wedding!!! SOOO Busy.

Also today did talk to the MIL (Mother in law) more about the wedding which made me feel better, and this blog was supposed to be in regards to that talk, but I've already blogged too much and now you'll all be bored. 

I'm thirsty.

The end. 

Friday, 2 September 2011

I have to say...

I really am feeling a bit flat today.

In other news, I got my cute stripey straws from Etsy today i'm very happy with them, I need lots more though haha.

That's all for today, I know my blog has sucked lately but I'm just a bit down and sad blogs are boring blogs. I should feel much better tomorrow, I am going to Perth with my favourite partner in crime, Chloe. We've known each other through mutual friends for a while, but we are just so close. We have honestly only hung out a few times together but we have so much fun. So I am going to Perth with her and we are going to have some retail therapy (thank you $300 gift cards from He's-not-heavy-he's-my-brother, for my birthday) perrrfeccttt time to use them because i'm broke!

The boys started talking about going to Melbourne next week so I left the room, sif not invite me. Even though I will be maggot at the most gorgeous of all girls, Twinners, hens nights next week, it still hurts because i've wanted to go for about a year now. :( Yay for shopping my heartbreak away.