Friday, 25 November 2011


I am royally pissed off. Why am I so technically challenged!?! I'm so dumb! So, the last month or so (at least) I had set up for $300 a pay to go into another savings account with a different bank, but for some reason each time it's failed and I HAVEN'T NOTICED! So I've spent the money I thought I'd been saving! I'd been saving for when Tallboy and I get a house, I'd been saving for Christmas, Emergencies and for sometimes 'me' presents…. or at least I thought I'd been saving. What a douche'! :(
So pissed off, so I've been living pay cheque to pay cheque thinking it was worth the saving when really i've just dwindled it away on living expenses. FML.


In other news, I've been slack with blogging as you can tell. I will update with photos more often when I'm not so busy. My life is too hectic at the moment. Great and fabulous, but hectic, very hectic.

Quick update - Love life is great, Tallboy is great, my friendships are great and my work is getting SO much better as I'll be moving into H.R soon. Just need to get my body and work out regime back on track and my budget under control and I can happily continue to glide through it all.

So my plan is to get blogging properly again soon, I'm very time poor. I want more photos, more wedding updates (although majority of it is done), more adventures and stories of what's going on.

So far tonight was an amazing date night, Tallboy and I went out to dinner at an italian restaurant by the beach, we shared a pizza and pasta (carboverdose) then we went to the movies to watch 'The Inbetweeners' was extremely funny.

Tomorrow I was going to do some christmas shopping but just checked my account so can't anymore. Tomorrow night I am going out to Harry Potters house warming and then we are going clubbing, I can't wait to get dressed up and hang out with her (I have allowed myself half of what is left in my bank account for tomorrow night, fingers crossed I don't use it all).

Sunday I am going to just be homely and potter around hungover doing washing and then I'll probably end up recovering on the couch.

Then on Tuesday night, Harry, Memma, myself and my other best friend are going out to dinner in Fremantle.
On Thursday night, the HR and Billing team from work are going out to a work dinner to say goodbye to Mamma (our wonderful prego friend).
Then on Friday night Tallboy and I are going to Perth with some work friends for dinner and drinks.
Then on the Sunday I have Mamma's baby shower!
SO Busyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy.

I will have to start taking lots more photos!

Tuesday, 15 November 2011

blog, blog, blog

Man, I am going to pass out. I'm such a nana, but that's ok because nana's like me are super cool.

I went on a last minute date again with my work-bestfriend Memma, went to the same old indian restaurant , ordered straight away and ate too much as usual. Today was a good day at work, we just talked about how we sort of new each other when we first started but were too scared to talk to each other for about two weeks - we're so cool like that.

I think I had a point to this blog entry but i've forgotten it, being a nana and all, it's also past 9.30pm (it's 9.32pm - hard coreeeeee) so that's my excuse.

I got paid today, loves it! I love pay day. I bought new extensions and a hooters shirt, my hens night theme is a hooter girls party where my friends can all dress up in the Hooter girls uniform. Anyone who doesnt want to get fully dressed up will be asked to either wear the tank top or i'll make a pile of Orange Sashes that say something like 'Hooter Girl's Hen's Party' or something. I think it'll be cute. I'm excited for it. Just need to see a dietician and exercise more and maybe I can look like one for the party….

yeahhhh keep dreaming.

Ok nightttttttt zzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzzz

Saturday, 12 November 2011

Exhaustion strikes again

I have no idea why I am so exhausted lately but earlier this week I made the decision that this weekend I was not going to be doing much. Since 3pm I have been home and I am having a fantastic time! I'm home alone, I've chilled out in bed messaging friends, i've washed blow dried and straightened my hair, put a face treatment on. I even put on fake eyelashes just because! Now I'm currently relaxing watching foxtel AND my housemate (TB's cousin) is bringing me pasta cup for dinner! Winning!

I do feel that I will be crashing fairly early, I am so tired. Today I went shopping with a friend, it was exhausting, I have now realised that I much prefer online shopping, it's cheaper, the deliver it to you and it's like coming home to presents that you've already paid for but forgot all about! I LOVE it.

Life lately has been SO good, I'm so happy in my relationship, i'm utterly head over heels for my blue eyed giant. Work is hopefully getting better and even if it doesn't i'll have 10 days off in December. Friendships are good, I'm finally not being phased as much as I used too and out of the 2.5 kg I gained I have lost about 700grams in the last week or so from being healthier and pushing myself harder at the gym.

Things are looking up :)

Tuesday, 8 November 2011


This made my night, it's from


Walking on water.
Talking snakes.
Dead coming back to life.
Virgins giving birth.

Come at me Christians.

haha It just made me laugh. I don't know why I fight things so much sometimes. It makes you wonder though hey, why so many people think some things are so wrong but other things don't get questioned at all.

I don't know. It was just a funny thing to read. I don't really follow a religion. I'm roman catholic, TB is christian. I used to reject religion at school because I went to a catholic school and had to go to church and Religious Education. To me it was very uncool to be into Jesus.

I couldn't even begin to imagine what is out there, but I do believe in Heaven and God, purely because my mum has passed away and she was an amazing woman who died too young from something she had no idea of and couldn't control. For her I believe that she is still living on and still loving and being treated well. I have to believe that there is something better out there, I have to believe it for her, I have to believe it for me...or it would crush me.

Monday, 7 November 2011

All I want to do this weekend...

Is start re-reading Harry Potter.

and then maybe watch the movies too.
One of my fav scenes of Harry doing the Pincers of the dead spider teehee

This is me doing pincers when I was ready to go to a party last year. I love Hazza!

Sunday, 6 November 2011

Time for an update.

I have been extremely slack with blogging lately I have been very busy. I can't even recall half of what i have been doing. 

So here I go:

Wedding Update - I am so excited to get married, TB and I have always had a great relationship, we are a good balance and I keep feeling that I am loving him more and more each week. It's just awesome to be this happy. I really don't know why, but in some ways I just didn't ever think that this would happen to me. I'm so glad that I am so happily in love and not just someone who has 'settled' Having someone you can laugh with is seriously some kind of magic. 

Our wedding is almost 6 months away. The wonder Mother In Law has arranged the hire of all of the big things and is looking into other minor things for me (cake / flowers etc) and it has made me so much more relaxed about the day. I'm not stressed anymore and I am getting more and more excited about the big day. 

Life Update - Friends and Drama, so there has been a bit of drama lately in my friendship circles. I can't even recall half of it. Basically I still get approached by certain people who still try to ruin my good times but they still haven't actually understood that I'm not having it anymore and I am done. It's actually funny all of them thinking that they're upsetting me, more than anything their actually teaching me how I choose to respond in certain situations. I'm really proud of who I am becoming. I am really happy. 

Work Update - Work has been very hard lately, emotionally. It's draining. I am on a completely different page to my boss and trying to talk to him is sometimes like talking to a wall. I had a meeting with him and after everything I said to him he said his part and it was eye opening to realise that yes, we are on two very different pages. I left that meeting feeling so low. It's been two weeks since then and i'm still trying but I'm still not getting anywhere. It's probably the only aspect of my life that I'm not very happy with at the moment. 

Goal Update - Last check I had lost 7kg, I don't feel much slimmer, i'm still not a dress size smaller. I have had two weeks of over indulgence and little exercise so I'm too scared to get back on the scales as I think i've gained so I'm being ignorant. Tomorrow i'm back on the healthy eating plan and exercise but not wanting to get up for work has also made me drag my feet and it's made me a bit lazy. 

November Update - I don't have free weekends in November. So busy. It's good but crazy. 

I can't remember the rest. 

Tuesday, 1 November 2011


lets see how much blogging I can do with 9% battery left.

So I know I've not blogged for ages. I haven't had my laptop and i've been busy. I wanted to blog really badly last night but couldn't because the internet wouldn't work.

So bullet points of what I need to blog about will have to do until I get time.

Wedding Update - YAYYYYYYYYYYYY I am FINALLY legit excited and super dooper happy to be getting married because a lot of our wedding stuff is booked! No stress!!!
Life Update - Friends, Drama's etc.
Work Update - Still killing whales unfortunately
Goal Update - almost 7kg down but still not satisfied.
November - all booked up.
HoneyMoon - getting booked.

wow look at that I'm too tired to continue. Stay tuned