Monday, 26 December 2011


Oh my goodness!
I am FINALLY on holidays! I haven't had holidays since last December and it was becoming really hard to get through the last few weeks of work because I was just in so much need of a break.

So time for an update.

Friday I went to work and did my usual 9 hour day, it was a nice day. Lou brought in cupcakes and sweets for us, we were also given smiggle Christmas gifts earlier in the week. Frenchie put on Pizzas for lunch and our bosses gave us christmas gift vouchers so it was a day full of perks. Friday Night I went out with TB and his friend to the local pub and ran into old friends, drank too much and had a good night.

Saturday was Christmas Eve, I spent majority of the day feeling sorry for myself and nursing a hangover, then TB and his friend made me go with them to get food before picking up my car. So of course Davis' car battery had to die, we were stuck in the car for about an hour. It was pretty terrible, such a hot day with a hang over. I was grateful to get home. Saturday night I went to Harry Potters house for Christmas Eve dinner. I had wonderful food and a good time with Harry, she let me meet her new puppy and the feast had a mac and cheese pasta bake. It was delish. 

Sunday was Christmas Day, I got spoilt by TB and his parents. We went to his Grandads house for breakfast and then we went to his other side of the family for Lunch. It was a nice day. I generally don't enjoy christmas and family gatherings and prefer to stick to direct family events but everyone had a good time. I'll be seeing my Dad and Brother in January so that will be really good. 
Today being boxing days everyone stupidly goes to the sales, I did this (dragging Harry Potter along), and I won't be doing it again. Madness. I had to go and get an outfit because TB and I have our Engagement Shoot on Wednesday Evening so I had to find something to wear, I opted for a pleated sheer maxi shirt that I'll team up with a simple singlet and accessories. Then I came home and did some house work (SO boring) and now I feel like being antisocial until TB is home then I might make him go out somewhere with me or watch a movie with me. 

So, yes so far that has been my holidays. I don't have to go back to work until next Tuesday but my week is already full on, tomorrow I have a spray tan and make up trial for the wedding, Wednesday I'm looking into Wedding Invitations and doing our engagment shoot, Thursday I'm going to Morley with Kelly, Friday I'm finally seeing Partner (!) and Saturday is New Years Eve! Sunday I'll be hungover and Monday I'll be dreading the holidays being over so quickly. FAR OUT!

Tuesday, 20 December 2011

Ruining my life

Two things are ruining my life today:
1) this ipad2
I am not a tech nerd and I dont like gadgets. Yep, not an iPad fan.
2) wedding invitations. I should have been much more prepared!
They need ages to get made and I didn't factor that in as i was just happy to procrastinate.
First world problems are ruining my life.

Sunday, 18 December 2011


I have been terrible with my time keeping lately and I haven't seen quite a few important people in my life.
I need to catch up with the following people sometime soon, and I will ensure to make sometime for this.
- P (Partner in Crime)
- Twinner
- Harry Potter
- Pa
& he ain't heavy, he's my brother.
So hopefully with 11 full days off, I can do that.
I know I'll be seeing Pa and He-ain't-heavy in Jan. I'm seeing Harry Potter next saturday night and I am definitely seeing Twinner and P as soon as we are all free. Shits gonna get hectic.


I love everything about this music clip. EVERYTHING. The filmography, the location, the bands style, the fashion, the props and of course the song.
LOVE it!


I'm trying to draw up draft invitations. It's not work.

Mix it up.

This is just going to be a random entry full of mixed blah.

First - I MUST do wedding stuff. I need to at least create the invites!!

Next Topic, I read in a magazine yesterday that 80% of people lie in their facebook status' to make their lives seem more interesting… So I decided to go through my status' to see if I fall into that 80%.
These are my last few status'

Booo, I just want to blog and the home Internet won't work. Blah.
I was at home, had some things I wanted to blog about and our home internet is always bipolar.

- Foods!!!
I was out to breakfast with haveachat and was really excited about getting my breakfast foods!

Everything is annoying me today, helllooooo grinchface!
Half True.
Maybe not everything was annoying me but someone had really irritated me. 
Wineee! Nom nom nom.

Other peoples kebabs smell so good right now
Caught the train home with only 3o seconds to spare and someone had an Ispa kebab and it smelt amazing!

Way too addicted to Teen Mom
Ugh I love that show, although it occasionally makes me want to cry. I can't believe I didn't know Farrah's ex boyfriend had died in a car crash, no wonder she was so mean to her mum and wanted to go out all the time she was probably traumatised & Amber, oh goddddd HOW THE EFF did she get THAT thin?????? Yup addicted and hanging for more. 
I used to be thin… I used to be. Gah would LOVE to be this size again… just with a tan and my extensions and fashion sense. 

Ok other topics. Friday night I just chilled out at home, Tallboy had a bromance date with his brother and I just wanted to relax. Had a shockingly disgusting meal that i'd pre-frozen and watched bad tv. My kind of Friday night (except if you're going out at the Kite, I miss going there. I'm thinking of trying to start going there a lot more in the coming few months.)

Saturday morning haveachat and I went shopping, I got contact lenses and she did some last minute christmas shopping. Then we went to a delicious breakfast. Saturday afternoon, Tallboy, Lovechild, her brother and I went up to the city and out for her brothers girlfriends birthday. It was a really fun night. We went out for dinner at a burger bar, drank delicious wine, re-visited my shocking dance moves from single life and then Tallboy and I walked the streets until we managed to find a taxi to get us to the train station. 

Today I haven't done much, I did some food shopping, watched teen mom and made pizzas for dinner. I did also put an offer on for a house! The cutesy homely one I love. Just hoping the owner will come down to our budget. Fingers crossed!! 

 Last week I also became too addicted to Coke, no, not the crackwhore kind, the sugary liquid gold kind. I had it three times for breakfast last week, it made me so happy that i'd even go into work and just talk to Memma about it, I'd just happily throw it into any sentence 'I'm happy since I had my breakfast coke this morning.' 'Don't worry, I had breakfast coke at 7am this morning.' 'oh I didn't get a breakfast coke today :(' you know the usual addicted kind of banter one gets when they can't get enough of breakfast coke.

So yeah that's my random boring update for now. 
Not much wedding stuff yet again. I seriously am freaking out about all the stuff I haven't arranged yet. And the Money oh god, someone win me some money. 

Saturday, 17 December 2011

Whale Day

I'm feeling enormous today. It sucks. I have to go out tonight and I definitely don't feel up for it.
Everything I have to wear is terribly tight and I was thinking of wearing tights and long time but I think i'll just look frumpy still.
I think I'll need to be severely smashed before I go out tonight just to deal with my self esteem today. Bring on the wine. :(

Monday, 12 December 2011

Happy, happy Pandaaaaa

Ok so I haven't talked about what makes me a happy panda in a while so I thought it would be nice to do a post :)

First off that photo, ha, how could it not just brighten your day immediately? Lovely!

Since I've been house shopping I am just so excited to get my ideas into the house and make it as homely as ever. I can't wait to find a home and make it mine. I especially can't wait to have a garden. I want the front yard full of Lithianthus flowers and pink roses maybe even some lavendar. I want a little herb garden and hanging pots. I want to have fresh flowers that I throw effortlessly into glass jars instead of vases, I want rustic cutesy accessories. I am SO excited!

Scrubs and Harry Potter, won't get over it. Just love it. 

Emma Stone 
She's so pretty and funny, I think she's officially become my number one girl crush, sorry Zooey but you had your chance. Ow, why I no have bug eyes :( stupid almond eyes. 

My Gianttttttttt

I don't think I can express how much I love this boy. He just makes everything feel right. 
Such a good giant. 

Also something that makes me irrationally happy is cherries and grapes! Green, seedless grapes. They are so delicious.

Anyway it's 8.24pm and I'm a tired nana. I want to upload more photos but i've been so bad with instagram since changing iphones.

Will do an update about the wedding soon.

Updates to come-
wedding make up idea
tailored suit
wedding band

Sunday, 11 December 2011

Lumos! Accio Firebolt! Wingardium LeviOooSa!

So I spent quite a lot of my weekend being a nerd and I LOVED it! What an amazing way to unwind and feel happy being cheap and staying. I spent a fair bit of time watching Harry Potter again, it just makes me happy. It really does. I think aside from Scrubs, Harry Potter really is something I can watch over and over and still love, although I am missing Year 1, 5 and Year 7 part two on DVD but i'll buy those later and will start it all again. :)

Yayyyyy Ron and Hermione

Anyway so Saturday went to the shops with Haveachat and we had lunch it was awesome to catch up, I got over shopping very quickly, sif have massive crowds, sif! Then I came home and before I knew it Memma came and picked me up to go and look at the house. I really like the house, I am arranging to go through it again, it's really cute, homely, neat and I really feel that I could make it something special. So hopefully TB likes it. Then Memma and I were going to go the the casino but our plans fell through so we had a movie night and hung out.

Today I came home and did some boring house stuff then Lovechild came over, we looked at another house and then went to a delicious lunch. Came home and watched some Harry Potter and just caught up on things, it was a great sunday. Then TB came home from a bucks weekend and now we're going to hang out and watch a DVD… and by DVD I mean Harry Potter :D I'm so happy.

Friday, 9 December 2011

Cheers to the freakin weekend.

Finally Friday night! So happy.

It's been a very hectic week at work doing P.A / H.R work - mainly learning bits and pieces of H.R it's been hectic but sooo good. I am loving it, whilst frying my wee little brain. I am now utterly exhausted.

So last night I started my weekend early and had a Harry Potter marathon after work (only watched two dvds) then I emailed a few make up artists in regards to the wedding. I found one travelling this way but things aren't going too smoothly so I'm trying to rebook. I am just leaving wedding stuff for a few more days now.

Tonight I went with Tallboy to his cousins birthday, it was really nice to see everyone even though I got attacked by a million mozzies :(. Then we went and got ice cream, it was really nice to do something so simple.

I came home and did my fake tan, replied to some more emails but now i'm just watching another Harry Potter DVD. :)

Tomorrow I am doing some last minute shopping and then…. I'm looking at a house! Yayyyyyyyy I have high hopes for this one, fingers crossed we can knock the price down a bit. Then tomorrow night Memma and I are going to the Casino with a work friend, it's going to be messy.

Anyway, this was a boring entry. I'm going to tan some more and then sleep. Yay sleepppp!!!! :)

Wednesday, 7 December 2011

Bed time! Yay

wedding update

Things I still need to do for the wedding -
Finalise Hens / bucks night.
Meet with florist (new one)
get all the guys suits
find a make up artist
get a make up trial
get all the bridesmaids shoes
get the wedding list finalised
start paying things off
book engagement shoot
get invites made and sent out
get venue payment sorted
get decorations sorted
try and learn how to make a wedding cake.

I'm seriously too disorganised for all of this.

Sunday, 4 December 2011

Moving right along

So aside from that ridic little emotional bleeding heart entry, let's move right along to the other amazing shit overtaking my life right now.

Thursday night I went out for dinner noms with the work girls to say goodbye to Stacey who is knocked up, ready to pop and resigned. So we went to dinner and had a lovely time. I now like another wine, yay for me! We all ate way too much delicious curry and left feeling very full. Then Memma and I went to buy a few things, then Lou lost her keys but we eventually found them. Then I went home and snoozed for 7 hours until work.


Friday night Tallboy and I went to the city for another work dinner with a different department from work, we finally got up there half an hour late and drank many delicious long island ice teas, then we turned into mexicans and continued our merry way out in Northbridge. Tallboy and I went home relatively early and then I fell over and cried.


Saturday I went to lovechilds house and hung out with her for a bit, then went to the beach with Tallboy and our dogs. Then we just bummed around and got some movies and ate bad food (of course). I know it's totes loserish but seriously… New FAVE movie! Watch it!
Oh brown haired actor that I couldn't be bothered googling, you are beautiful and so pretty to look at but you will still never be Heath Ledger in 10 things I hate about you or Penn Badgely from John Tucker Must Die.


This morning I went to breakfast with friends and then to Stacey's baby shower. It was a lovely day. I sucked at ALL of the baby shower games. Then Tallboy and I went and looked at houses, none of them were 'the one' :( so the search will continue until I find something that feels homely and suits my ideas. I came home for an hour or so then went out to dinner and more wine (!) with Memma! Was delicious.

Now I've just made a few lunches for work (doing protein this week - time to get thin again) and am just relaxing until I have to drag myself to work tomorrow. :(

not myself

I'm not myself today.
Perhaps underlying stresses are getting to me, or maybe I do need that damned holiday.
I was finally feeling like I was finding my feet and my voice and getting to where I wanted to be. I wasn't bullshitting people and I wasn't being a fence sitter, I was saying at as it is and I finally liked that about myself even if other people didn't.
I am really disappointed with a few aspects at the moment and I hate how I romance past memories.
I look at things and remember the better times and I remember them without adding in the bad memories. It's like I don't want to believe how some people have turned out.

 If we go down we go down we go down together, best friends means, best friends mean. 

My memories keep emotionally blackmailing my mind. It's kind of tiring really. I need to know that all things happen for a reason and some people really aren't there for you and some people do let you down, and there is no doubt that i've probably done the same to others but I never, ever really thought that one particular person would truly be out of my life and due to our life paths, I am positive that there will not be an adjoining road.

I swear you have no idea.