Tuesday, 31 January 2012


I'm tired, crampy and bloated.
Shakes failed yesterday and I jumped off the bandwagon, although Tallboy made me go for a 1.4k run with him… I hardly ran at all.
I am going to keep trying. I just need more self control and to exercise.
ugh life is failing me today.
so i'm watching new girl and sleeping.

Sunday, 29 January 2012


I've been so lazy and have not blogged at all lately.
Basically right now I feel SO fat! I've put on so much weight and it's terrible. So back into shakes (which I have been terribly with for the last two weeks) and exercise starting tomorrow.
NO clothes fit me or look good, I look so feral in everything, esp my work uniform. I don't want to go out and wear dresses cos when I do I feel horrible. hating myself today. blergh.
I will update properly when I get a chance.

Quick update.

Thursday - Australia Day at Memmas, saw Harry Potter, melted, was a beached whale in a mini paddling pool, loved the water, melted.
Friday Night - Tallboys birthday, lots of drinking, lots of laughing, lots of taking care of a very drunk giant.
Saturday - Ran around town with Haveachat and did a whole pile of wedding stuff, got my centerpieces sorted, got our decorations for the wedding sorted, went to lunch, lounged, got more centerpiece stuff, went to dinner with memma, hung out with tallboy.
Sunday - hung out with Lovechild and came home and watched the new girl, did some washing.
Monday - Tomorrow, back at work, at the new desk, hate the new desk. I also have to go to Thornlie to sort out my tafe enrollment. I'm terrified so nervous, haven't studied in years and am scared i'll fail. So very very nervous. Back to RPM and shakes. it;s going to be very hard.

Monday, 23 January 2012

Thank you

Thank you to everyone who crossed their fingers for us, everyones good thoughts paid off and we managed to find a stunning venue on our exact wedding date that was available. I love the new venue and I can't believe how lucky TB and I were.

Sunday, 22 January 2012

Biggest Bridal Stress Ever

You know what's awesome 3 months before getting married? Having your heart broken by the Venue letting you down.
Tallboy and I viewed our wedding venue last year at the end of winter and it was spectacular, the drive down the dusty red road through two lush green paddocks perfectly lined by leafless trees set up the romantic mood and set up the suspense for entering the estate. It was absolutely stunning and I was thrilled when TB and I found the venue, we were so excited.

We went there again today to show the inlaws to ensure that they too saw our vision. We drove down the red dusty road and on each side where the lush green grass paddocks which were envisioned to have the marquee and festival of love set up was dry dead crisp grass. The paddocks are not irrigated like I was lead to believe. The venue is well and truely effed. I had previously asked the lady last year to ensure that this wouldn't happen and she had said that it wouldnt be dried out, she said it was irrigated. She clearly was talking about the few meters of land around the hotel part of the estate. I am heart broken, absolutely heart broken.

So now I am trying to find a standard wedding venue, goodbye beautiful wedding editorial rustic wedding look wedding. Hello standard wedding. Worst case senario we just have to have it at the dead funeral look estate but I'm just devastated right now. I've been crying for hours.

Your wedding is supposed to be the best day of your life, it's supposed to be everything youve ever dreamed of and it's supposed to be beautiful. I just feel like this is yet another kick in the stomach for me, I've had a lot of shit in my life, you'd think i'd get a break.

This is the first time I feel like a real bridezilla but I don't think what I expected was uncalled for. I just want what was promised to me and I get fuck all. I'm going to go and cry again now.

Monday, 16 January 2012


Where did all my non existant monies go?
*saddest panda face ever*

Sunday, 15 January 2012


I ate too much 'not allowed' (non kate morgan) food.
Now my stomach is aching.
My stomach feels like this right now.

That'll teach me.

Saturday, 14 January 2012

Yeahhhhh Hollywooodddd

So I was getting super jealous of all the tv and movie relationships seeming so amazing and I really pined to get the butterflies again, so I decided that I'm just as good as anyone else on youtube and I created my own slideshow of Tallboy and I from our trip across contiki. I want to figure out some sort of way to play this for him for his birthday but I might just show him tonight because I've never made a music slideshow before and I'm really proud of myself. Yay for me.

I love this boy so much, its not easy. I don't ever think any relationship is easy, but it's worth it.

Exhausting day and still plenty more to do.

Gah, what a hectic day. I am exhausted.

This morning I got up fairly early as I had quite a lot of errands and house work to do.
I got up, cleaned the kitchen, made the bed, did a load of washing, convinced TB to hang out that load, then I went to the shops, paid the doctor, bought groceries, posted items, put away groceries, took down washing, put on another load of washing, washed the dogs, swept, vacuumed, hung out washing, cleaned the bathroom, picked up wedding invites, stamped 70 envelopes, and put on a roast.

So now I have to take down my other load of washing and put up the towels, then I'll be going through and folding everything and put it all away. I also need to cull my wardrobe and then put any dresses up for sale on ebay and all others go to charity. Crazyyyyy.

Anyway I have to go do all of that. Here is a sneak peak of the wedding invites. I have to go do more house stuff now.

Friday, 13 January 2012


So after a crazy but rewarding week at work I got home tonight to see Tallboy had totally added the sweetest touch to our surprise dinner date. I got home to find he had bought me yellow roses and he wrote me a beautiful card in his scribbly toddler hand writing.

I walked in and did our after work kiss ritual and then was talking as I walked into our bedroom and the flowers were there waiting on the bed. I was like 'What's that? Why are you being nice to me?' and then I cried a little haha I seriously again said 'why are you doing that?' haha and he was so sweet. We ended up going to Subiaco to the Witch's Cauldron for dinner as I'd said for ages how much I'd wanted to go there. It was quite nice, we got a booth. I ordered the garlic prawns and then a chicken dish. I couldn't finish it (the shakes must be working!)

Now we have come home and are quite exhausted. I have a crazy day tomorrow, I have to go to my work mum and dads to see the invites, get workmum some red wine, send ebay items in the post, pick up an item, pay the doctors from monday, buy groceries and clean the whole house because I can't stand it any more. I'll also cull my wardrobe and give what I don't want to charity. Then all of my dresses that I don't wear I will list and add to ebay.

Hectic. Sunday I'm going to mexican for lunch and next weekend i'm going down south to check out our wedding venue and plan the lay out.

Hectic, crazy, frantic, amazing.

Thursday, 12 January 2012

Best 5 Minutes 36 Seconds of your life.

Oh my goodness. I effin LUFF Emma Stone, I just LUFF her, L-U-F-F. Seriously, my whiteboard at work is totes going back in dedication of Emma Stone and her bug-eyed, quirky, perfectly rehearsed whitty banter.

This is one of the best scenes from the movie and I love it so much because it reminds me of the RHG and all of our drunken stories and the memories that we would make from the people we would meet and the walks home that we had. I love this scene so much for what it represents and the memories it evokes. I wouldn't ever trade in my memories of those times. They were so blissfully confusing.

Squeeee, happy.

Sometimes there really can be happiness out of sadness.

Day Eleven

So it's day 11 of my shake diet. I haven't been as strict as I guess I should be but I haven't caved as much as I thought I would have.
Last night for example I went to Hans for dinner, I should have just gotten soup but I didn't, and today I ate half a wrap instead of fruit but oh well whatevs.

Degrassi is on again! *Squee* Craig is back. haha i'm such a loser. I fecking love Degrassi, good old Canada. Maple Syrup, Degrassi and Silverstein. Lovely.

Anyway apart from my shakes and reawakening of my obsession with Degrassi there isn't much to report on.

My new fav past time is still going to be youtubing lovey montages! Yayyyy I'm going to try and find one from the hills now. Yay for me!

Wednesday, 11 January 2012


Ok so i'm totes in the mood now for my fave t.v show couple youtube songy montages. YAY FOR YOU!

Ross and Rachel - Friends.

JD and Elliot - Scrubs

(Good old Dashboard Confessional *swoooonnnn*)

Flash Back Timeeee

Warning: This entry confirms that I am a loser, a highlarious, modest loser.

I don't care if people are going to judge me for this but i've mentioned it before and I'll mention it again, I freaking LOVE Degrassi (The next generation) I loveeeeeeeee it. I was obsessed with it when I was 16 and discovered it on the ABC channel when I was supposed to be doing assignments and shiz, Helloooooo Degrassi, gooodbyeeeeee education.

Oh my goodness, I just loved Ashley and Craig (Oh Jake Espstein *swoon*) and I was was just flicking through the channels an hour ago and Degrassi was on!! OMG. *Geek out* ANDDDDDD Craig (Jake *swoon*) was back on the show for some reason (he totes left like 4 seasons ago…I think… I don't know, I haven't actually watched Degrassi for about 6 years) and I was SO excited, too excited for the old lady that I am.

Anyway so I felt the need to go on youtube and find my fave song montage things of Crash (That's Craig + Ashley for those of you playing at home) I put one up when I first started my blog, but heres another one.

Hope you Enjoyyyyyyyyyyyyy…..

I think I loved this couple so much on degrassi is because it was easy to relate to - not the healthiest thing to relate to (a dysfunctional relationship and a lot of lies and cheating) but relative enough. It's kind of like Ross and Rachel from friends all the too-ing and fro-ing, but the love was there. 

I love the videos on youtube that non-technologically-challenged people create and make up. It shows the characters so well, actually all I really focus on is Jake (*swoon*) and the way his character was so broody and tempremental. Reminds me of a few people actually, that's the real reason I know that I love it so much, oh memories haha.

Now go, google Degrassi and be amazing. ugh, to die. Love it. 

I don't want yo two cents, foo'


Anywho, time for an update. My wonderfulllllllll workmum (by default, she's actually my workdads wife) has been working on my wedding invites for me and so far they are sounding absolutely amazing. Pa (my real life daily dad) has been making me wedding signs to hammer into the fields to give directions and just make the rusticy cuteness that is needed. So that's cool. I've got to pay off Jimmy Teo the amazing photographer this week and I am needing to order some beautiful paperbags from Etsy as i've decided to do a lolly station instead of table favours, because that's sooooo cute…but it's mainly because I'm lazy and people don't take wedding favours anyway (well I never do.)

No other wedding related news I guess. I do have to finalise the guest list. Apart from that Harry and Lovechild are arranging my hens night so I have to do that guest list too but apart from creating a theme I don't want to know about it.

Work has been to die, soooo good. I have been so busy and doing a lot of applicant calls so it's repetitive and I am getting more confident in understanding the requirements and the different levels, classes and requirements of tickets etc. I'm loving it. I know it's just going to get harder and more hectic but I think it's great. I'm enjoying myself.

Now I'm just at home, came home from dinner with Harry and at dinner she told me ghost stories so now I'm hiding in my room until Tallboy comes home. I'm really tired but now as I work in HR I don't like going in with greasy hair or shabby make up so I have to blow dry my hair and paint my nails. Then when I lose weight I can go back to wearing skirts, damn christmas and my lack of control.

Monday, 9 January 2012


I am SO broke right now. Christmas really effed me up this year.

I get paid tomorrow and I already have my account overdrawn. I didn't even make it to my next pay this time, I actually have -$69.85 in my account. I couldn't even pay for the doctors today, they had to give me an account because I only had $50.00 (of Tallboys money) cash on me and I had $17.00 in our joint account and they wouldn't let me split the bill between cash and account (I was really annoyed)

I finally get paid tomorrow and it will be a relief!

I already have to pay my overdrawn fee and have bills for contacts, our wedding and household expenses going all over the place. Blahhhh I need a money tree.

Day Seven

So I've been doing Kate Morgan shakes for 7 days now (hit and miss on the weekend) and i'm finding it ok, the weekends are definitely the hardest and I had a work lunch, wedding and a friend catch up lunch on this weekend so it was quite challenging.

Friday night was our goodbye dinner for Heather my fellow co-worker. (My old boss used to frustrate us both so much that it brought us to tears to which Dean, my old boss would say  'Every time you cry you kill a whale') Oh i'm going to miss making those memories with her.

Anyway my fav work peeps and I went down to the local and had a few drinks, my new boss Lou kept topping up my wine glass and we also all had dinner (I'm trying hard to stick to Kate Morgan, but couldn't afford Vodka Lime Soda, so wine had to do. I also had squid and salad for dinner - an 'ok' choice) Topher came down and I finally got a glass of champagne bought for me (He's owed me a bottle for like 4 months because I totes got him his OHS Manager Job by encouraging him to apply for it internally (which he still doesn't acknowledge was my doing, but whatevs)) and then I ran into an old friend and had catch ups until Tallboy came and picked me up. I was a drunky. :)
Topher and my class of champagne

My ball of love, Kelly.

Saturday, I woke up with a pounding head and could not deal with the thought of drinking a milky replacement meal shake but I tried, I drank half and ate a carrot. I took nurofen and I drank a lot of water, got prettied up and then Tallboy and I headed to his cousins wedding. It was a beautiful, short and sweet ceremony in a wonderful old church with a beautiful roof.  
After the ceremony Tallboy, his parents and I went to subway (I got tuna salad and low fat dressing) and then we eventually made our way to the reception…. at the reception I caved, there were amazing cocktail entry type food things served, deep fried cheese! It was amazing, spring roll - amazing and meatballs - ugh delishhhhh. Then all of the alcohol and the mains! I had two breadrolls and delicious chicken with potato bake and the most fabulous gravy. Then dessert (which I normally just skip) was creme brulee' and I wouldn't normally eat it, but I just gorged! 
Then after that I felt bad so I tried to at least dance some of the calories off, so I dance but nothing could compare to Tallboy he was a freaking dance master, you couldn't get him off the dancefloor he even dropped his dacks with the Groom and did 'Wiggle, wiggle, wiggle, wiggle' to Sexy and I know it by LMFAO. Hahaha. Low light of the night was definitely running into an absolute trashed 35 year old woman in the same dress as me. I was mortified AND she looked better in it than I did and she even put her hand through the backless part of mine and groped my boob. MORTIFIEDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDDD. Ughhhh horrific.

Tallboy dancing with his 8 year old cousin, SOOOOOOOOO cute. Someone needs to punch me in the ovaries, I just got clucky.

Sunday, I wasn't hungover at all, I hung out with Tallboy a bit then I went to lunch with Lovechild and Twinner. I didn't really enjoy mine (Caesar Salad, dressing on the side) but the garlic bread was devineeee. Then I just came home and chilled out. I had a carrot for dinner because my stomach was hurting so badly. 

Today (Monday) I went to the gym but my stomach was so sore and I was exhausted, so I did a really pathetic work out on the bikes. Got to work, my stomach played up cramping with weird aches all day but apart from that it was a really good day. It flew by, I felt good about what I got through and I can't wait for tomorrow to learn more and hopefully be more productive a bit more each day. I'm really enjoying this and want to give it a good go. I did my two shakes, had two pieces of fruit, for dinner I had  fish and salad and for my dessert I froze a mousee so I could have something that tastes like icecream. Memma is not impressed that I have done this and she wasn't brilliant enough to think of this. Silly Memma. 

Thursday, 5 January 2012


Honeymoon 101 - cry for an hour because you completely stressed out about your wedding budget and have no money. cry for an additional hour because you don't feel like anyone will ever treat you like you are a princess. Just cry.

On the bright side, I'm still highlarious when I'm not an emotional wreck.

The notice I have on my cubical for my fellow coworkers to abide by. 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012

Day Two

I have already broken one of my New Year Resolutions…to donate blood.
I know I totes went all preachy on everyones asses a blog entry or two back and was all like 'save lifes you blood hogging aholes…' ummm but yeahhhhhh.

So, I had my appointment to booked in to donate for next week (I work long hours, 7.30am to 5pm and can't just leave to give blood) my appointment was booked too early as I thought my hours were changing, so I called the hotline and asked to be rebooked…ALL of the hours available were the middle of the freaking day? Um No.
So then I asked for a Saturday, the clinic near me isn't open on a Saturday.
Then I asked for a Thursday Night, the clinics weren't open Thursday Nights, only Monday and Tuesday nights… So I said ok Mon or Tuesday nights and all of the appointments are taken.
What do you want from me Red Cross Australia?
Really, Come Onnnnnn.
If you want my blood then open up on a Saturday or make Blood Vans do work runs or something!!! Seriously! OR make it compulsory for good blooded dole bludgers to give blood.
Use my ideas you jerks.

Moving right along...

Day two of my Kate Morgan shakes went better then yesterday.

I was able to focus on my work a lot more today and I really tried harder on the little things that I am able to do like the applicant enquiries and just answering the phone, it's still super hard but at the same time it was .01% easier today. YAY FOR ME!

Anyway I found being busier and focusing more helped with the shakes as I wasn't continuously focused on my hunger.

I had a shake for breakfast, then some fruit, I caved at work and had one of Memmas hot chips, then I had my lunch shake and some fruit. I drank my 2L of water and I went to the gym this morning too… then at 5pm Memma and I decided to go on one of our impromptu dinner dates (always so much fun! Doubleeeee Troubleeeee) and I was good…. I ordered grilled chicken breast and salad…. and I had the sauce on the side (Mustard, the Kate Morgan book says I'm allowed mustard) but…. I caved a bit… I ate 3/4 of a baked potato with sour cream. Oh lord! It was amazinggggggg om nom nom nom, but then my stomach hurt for about 30 minutes haha maybe it's already shrunk? Probs not. Anyway I felt bad but it was so delish and I'm glad I still did ok. Next time i'll just ask for them to not give me carbs so I can't be tempted to eat it at all.

The dinner was so fun. Memma and I used to go to the same high school but we were a few years apart and we were talking about all of the stupid High School girl stuff that we used to do and the teachers that we hated it was actually excellent. I came home and put on some washing, got my gym stuff ready for tomorrow and straightened my hair, now I'm watching an episode of wifeswap (Loveeee wifeswap!) and am wanting to stab this homophobic biatch in the eye (Stupid woman on the show was being mean to the Lesbian.) DON'T BE MEAN TO THE LESBIAN. grrrrr she made her cry!!! SO cruel!

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Day One

Today was my first day back to work and my first day of Kate Morgan. Thoughts so far are, I wish I knew everything about my role at work, I'm so keen to get into it but am also so anxious, I just want to be a HR pro. Not good. Must keep trying to work hard and get my head around things.

Kate Morgan………….. Kate Morgan…………Ok so I really do like the shakes, I think that they taste quite nice. I made it through the morning ok, I didn't struggle much, around lunch time I was so hungry, I drank my shake so fast and I munched on my half a cup of carrot like a champion. Again at 3pm I was so hungry so had some fruit, as soon as I got home I made dinner. I made chicken and salad, the first 5 mouthfuls were absolutely devineeeeee and then after that the chicken started to freak me out and I struggled to eat the rest. I also got to have a chocolate mousse which I ate as slowly as possible to enjoy it as much as I could. Now it's 8.10pm and I'm still feeling hungry, I am trying to ignore this feeling. I know that if I can just take it day by day I will be ok. I have a work dinner on Friday and a wedding on Saturday so they will be big tests, the dinner won't be too hard as I can order salad or fish, the wedding on the other hand, that will be a challenge - alcohol, set menu and desserts. I must be strong!

I also went to the gym this morning. I got up at 5.30am and got to the gym at 5.50am, I went on the treadmill for 30 minutes and then a bike for 10 minutes. I only ran a little bit and walked the rest but I'm still trying really hard. Tomorrow morning I am going again and I will try to see if I can do a class. Classes are hard to do as I push getting to work on time but I usually make it just on time.

Nothing else really happened today and this has been quite a boring entry, I'm just too tired to focus right now so I think I'm going to crash.

Monday, 2 January 2012

New Year Resolutions

SO, of course with the New Year comes the requirement of New Year Resolutions.

1.) Lose weight. My get skinny quick diet plan will TOTES work! I am going to stay positive and stay focused. I will be an anno bride. I just want to drop a dress size and lose some weight in my face and then I will work on getting smaller if that's what I want. I am going to keep up my exercise and mix up RPM with running.

2.)  I have to break my love affair with my 'Breakfast Coke' :( This one is going to be hard, I've created a massive addiction to Coca Cola over the last two months so it won't be easy at all but I just need to keep telling myself that Coca Cola is not a need at all. Goodbye my almost lover. 

3.) Donate more blood. I always get turned away when I go to donate blood, the staff are always like 'Wahhh you're iron is too low' 'Wah you had a piercing' 'Wah you got aids once' 'Wahhhh you had a tattoo' etc so it's kind of annoying that they always turn me away OR they let me donate but can't find my veins so they prick me 8 times and collapse my veins and then say 'hrrmmm sorry, maybe next time, have a fruit box' But putting that aside I will try again to give blood every few months. If giving blood can save up to 3 lives, people are idiots for not donating on a regular basis. At least I try. So Yup, donating as much as possible. 
4.) Housey, housey, housey!! I can not wait to move house. It's going to be magical. We won't have a house full of clutter it will be minimal and clean. I can't wait to create a garden and fill it with beautiful pink and white flowers. I can't wait to have herbs growing in a special place and make it a wonderful place to want to hang out in. Yayyyyyyy.

5.) BE HAPPY. That's it, just be appreciative of the people in my life. I want to love Tallboy more than ever and just make sure that he knows that I do appreciate him. We have a ritual that after work whenever we see each other we give each other a kiss, I want to ensure that we keep doing that. It's actually nothing that we ever talked about doing, it's just what we do. It's an unspoken thing that we have done for as long as I can remember and I just love that, that's our thing. I love my nerd burger. 

Holidays are almost over!

So my Christmas break is almost over and it's soooo sad! I have really enjoyed being a bum and wouldn't mind a few more days or so to do absolutely nothing and I think i'm really anxious about going back to my new role because I want to succeed in it so bad but it's really full on and I just wish I knew it all. I am excited to get back into it but definitely have the jitters.

So I had a really full on week. I had my lighter spray tan and my make up trial. I felt like my spray tan made me look a bit like a corpse, I have no idea why, but it just didn't have the glow that I was after and it also made me think I'll go to a salon for a tan the day before the wedding not a home spray tanner. I also had my make up trial, it went ok. I think I got freaked out by having such a natural look and I'm concerned that the make up wasn't long lasting. My skin seemed to drink the foundation and absorbed it really quickly, after 3 hours I felt like I wasn't wearing any at all. So I'm going to email the make up lady and see what she suggests.
On the Wednesday Tallboy and I went shopping in the city for wedding rings, he got his but after I tried on about 25 different rings I gave up. Nothing fits my solitaire and curve of my profile. So I'll probably get a plain band but then I want wedding lyrics engraved on the outside of the band - something different and something more suited to me. So that's the only thing I can think of right now, I don't want to design a diamond band incase when it's made I hate it so that's why I wanted to find a pre-made ring to match it to but it's not really happening. 
On Wednesday I also went to my work mum and dads house and they created some beautiful wedding invitations for me. Then Talboy and I also had our engagement shoot, it was so much fun and it was also somewhat embarrasing. I'm NOT a natural at all! I could never model. I am so stiff it's so awkward but funny too. So we'll get those photos in a few weeks. Then next pay I'll pay off Jimmy (photographer) for our wedding package and start saving more for the wedding. I am also trying to sell some dresses on ebay to clear out my wardrobe and get some savings back on track, it will also help not having so much clutter for the new house. 

On Thursday I had a casual day, I went to lunch with Kelly my pocketsize ball of love friend from work and we then went down to the local pub and had some champagne. It was a delicious lunch. Club sandwiches are amazing!!!

On Friday I went to breakfast with Partner and it was amazing, so soo sooo good to see her and catch up. We promised to try and make our schedules better to see each other more but it is quite hard. She works so hard the poor dear and now we are on completely different work shifts and we're both poor so we'll have to see what we can manage. 

On Saturday I went up to the Holiday Inn at the Casino with Tallboy, our housemate, his girlfriend and Other Jimmy. We had a great time during the day, drinking endless ruski's like I was 16 again, swimming in the hotel pool and playing games. We went into the casino for dinner at about 8 and then at 10.30 I felt really unwell and almost passed out so I went back to the hotel and waited for the others to return. I wasn't phased. I'm not big on New Years and I didn't want to bring the others down so I just told Tallboy to stay out and enjoy himself. I unfortunately was quite sick and it did suck throwing up instead of bringing in the new year but hey, nothing was going to beat my last year NYE in Vegas anyway. At least on the Sunday I wasn't hung over. 

Sunday was a chilled day and I just chilled out and Tallboy and I took our dogs down the beach. Nothing much happened. We had KFC for dinner and watched really bad movies. 

Today I went to the shops as I needed to get a dress for a wedding next week and of course I drive all the way down there and Dotti (the shop I had a gift voucher for) was closed. I was soooo annoyed. So then I just bought vegetables and salad for the next week as starting tomorrow I am on a DIET. EW! I know! I'm doing a quick fix diet of kate morgan shakes for 4 months to try and drop a dress size and then focus on staying that size. Oh fad diets, how I can never stick to you! So yeah I'll be trying that strictly whilst sticking back to exercise so fingers crossed. Who knows guys, who knows!?! 

Anyway I had heaps of photos from my phone but then I totes got all computer savy and synced my phone and then all the photos went missing, gone, JUST GONE! So no photos for you!!! Shameeeeeeeee.

 Tuesday but my week is already full on, tomorrow I have a spray tan and make up trial for the wedding, Wednesday I'm looking into Wedding Invitations and doing our engagment shoot, Thursday I'm going to Morley with Kelly, Friday I'm finally seeing Partner (!) and Saturday is New Years Eve! Sunday I'll be hungover and Monday I'll be dreading the holidays being over so quickly. FAR OUT!