Wednesday, 25 April 2012

Long time no blog

So it's been ages since I've blogged.

I've been really busy with wedding planning, freaking out, stressing, trying to work out, birthday parties, other weddings, work and so on, it's been hectic.

I can not believe that I'm getting Married on Saturday, it's seems so surreal but also really natural. I'm so nervous about walking down the aisle, I'm going to feel weird. I always care way too much about what people thing and it will be totes awks having over 130 staring at me. Awks guys, Awks.

Anyway, A while a go I went to my doctor because I'm always SO tired and I've had a lot of trouble losing weight even though I was working out really hard and eating carefully (calorie counting - yay myfitnesspal) anyway I got a letter in the mail saying I had to go back to the doctor to discuss my results. I love my doctor first and foremost for actually testing my bloods and not just fob me off and say to work harder or something like that, it turns out I have High Insulin levels :( it means that it can be quite a bit harder to lose weight due to this. SO I actually have to cut out carbs almost completely and ENSURE that I start eating really clean. Cutting carbs is going to be quite hard as pasta is the most amazing thing in the world BUT I NEED to do this, it's not something that I can just ignore. So I'm doing as much research as possible and will go back in a month or two and test them again to see if by trying to eat clean and keep my exercise up changes anything. Fingers Crossed.

Other News, In other news the big day is on Saturday. I can NOT believe it, so scary but exciting. Tallboy and I are getting very excited but we're both going to be nervous. I know it will work out fine and somethings will go wrong but it will still be an amazing day and night. I'm so excited to marry tallboy and some people said we wouldn't make it - um idiots lol.

Then we get to go on our minimoon (Poor honeymoon to Bali until we can afford to go back to America) and it will be so good. Shoppinggggg yay!! Then I have another week of work when I get home so that will be really nice.

So to sum it up, apart from the insulin hiccup life is going pretty good. Yay for me.

Saturday, 7 April 2012

hens day / night

EEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE It's my hens day / night!!
So excited and terrified.
I have already caught up for breakfast with friends.
I had lunch with my maid of honour and our other friend.
I am about to go for a midday nap before I start getting ready.
OMG So excited to get drunk and go party!!!
My lovely giant has already had to endure wearing two dresses, he's loving life.
let the fun begin. xx

Monday, 2 April 2012

26 days to go

How scary 26 days to go and still no weight loss awesome.
I'm currently home sick with a viral infection, have the worst flushes of hot and cold at the moment and can't sleep, Oh the joys!

I had two weddings on the weekend, On saturday I was only able to go to the ceremony and that was hard enough to struggle through due to being so unwell. Then Tallboy went to the reception and I went straight home to bed. On Sunday we had a wedding to go to at the same venue as ours, it's so nice. I really love our venue it's just nice and relaxed. Poppy and Chids had their wedding and reception there it was beautiful I really liked it, had such a nice time but unfortunately couldn't drink or stay long due to the fevers. We left at about 7.30 - 8pm.

I decided to change my walk down the aisle song to something more slow and full meaning to evoke the emotions of the day. I'm excited about it.

I can't deal with typing any more.