Thursday, 28 June 2012

My Favourite Things

My Favourite Things

1 - Reminiscing about the nights I won't remember with the friends I'll never forget. So many times when I was younger I would got out with the RHG and we would have the best times and now those are the stories we go on about over and over again, we don't get tired of them. Even the new ones I make like when I was the best wingman on the planet for Lovechild, Partner and Ginger.

2 - Punk Rock - I love punk rock, I used to be an 'emo', I'd dye my hair, pierce my lip, got tattoos, went to every live show I could, I would catch the train an hour out from where I lived just to buy C.D's and I'd spend majority of my pay on new albums, or concert tickets. I still love Punk Rock, I hate that I really struggle getting the motivation to get to gigs now due to the times they play. old. 

3 - Writing- I used to write all the time, I used to write stories, I used to write poems, lyrics, letters. I used to keep journals, online diaries. This blog is a bit like that I suppose but I don't treat it like a secret, I don't particularly have any secrets anymore. 

4 - Overcast skies - overcast weather is my favourite, always has been since one day in high school during P.E it got over cast, it was a warm day with a slight breeze but something about that weather makes me happy.

5 - Driving down Warnbro Beach Road listening to Play Crack the Sky by Brand New. 

I just found some old photossssssssss, it's reminiscing time you guysssssss. I didn't care then, so i'm not going to care now. <3 (I should really make these into a slideshow with Brand New - Soco Amaretto Lime playing) eeeee happy. 

Wednesday, 27 June 2012


Ok, so I know my blog can be a big ramble sometimes and a massive tangent of complaints and stories that only make sense to those closest to me BUT at least I just put out what I'm thinking.

Some blogs honestly sound as if the blogger has sat in front of their computer for hours, analysing what they are going to write, it's as if they're trying to sound like the love child of Stephen Hawkins, Steve Jobs AND Steve Jesus (Steve Jesus isn't really but there were already two steve's so why not make it a trifecta, you dig?) …. some that I have read seem more like a medical paper with the way that they 'diagnose' each paragraph. It's all too much. Relax blogger, relax. Seriously, be yourself… and if the way you write really is yourself, then I'm glad I don't know you, you need to get laid or go skydiving or get drunk before you write.

*insert timeframe for me to re-read this…*

I just read my Steve joke and I remembered the line from Bridesmaids

'What kind of name is Stove anyway? What are you? A kitchen appliance?
- 'No my name is Steve and I am a man.'
'YOU, are a flight attendant.'

hahahaha. Classic.

Anyway point of the mini rant / highlarious little quote session, keep it real, you fakesmartyrealdummy. etc.

We found love in a hopeless place

Oh my god. I effing LOVE the music video for Rhianna and Calvin Harris' song 'We Found Love' I love every thing about it. The heartbreak in the entrance of the song, the look on Rhianna's face in the opening scenes, the dance track silouetting the lyrics.

It's just addictive.
I can't describe it.
It's as if the lyrics and the beat pulsate through your veins.

This is a song that could get me completely pumped up for a day / for the gym / for clubbing. I could watch it over and over (and I am) Of course you know it's about her relationship with Chris Brown and the look alike actor wasn't even needed to know that.

It makes you feel helpless but hopeful. It definitely reminds you of those relationships where you know the person was so wrong for you, so many girls have previous people in their lives that can just take your heart and treat you so badly, but you continuously go back for more, no matter what they put you through - I call this the Ross and Rachel relationship (even though they ended up together and Ross totes never beat Rachel - but you get it. Ross and Rachel went through a lot you guys, a lot.).

You have to go through all of the wrong ones to get to the right one.

Rhianna looks amazing in the video, the fashion, the scenery, the music and the cinematography and editing is just (queue rachel zoe) to die.

Replay. replay. replay. amazing. bliss. wrenching. numbing. pulsating. replay. replay. replay.

Monday, 25 June 2012

Oh Hai!

Oh Hai guys, what have we learned lately? I've learnt that I need to make some mid year resolutions.

Mid Year Resolution #1
Don't get drunk with work friends, apart from your really close gf ones. You will not come out good from this. 
Mid Year Resolution #2
Stop lecturing people - you are notttttt a councillor, their mother, an inspirational person, did they even ask your opinion? No. 
Mid Year Resolution #3 
Stop complaining about everything - seriously, I complain WAY too much. 
Mid Year Resolution #4
Get Skinny, ffs just keep working on it and keep WORKING OUT. Man the amount of times I stop and start is ridic. 

Anyway I guess my resolutions so far are reflective of my wastey pants weekend.

Friday night I went to the local with Lovechild and had a drink, we ended up going to Mortgage25's house and then watched some bad tv. 

On saturday night I went to Fremantle with Lovechild, Mortgage25 and Devy, we had been drinking for quite a while and were at one of the pubs on the pub crawl, we ended up going to a newer bar to meet up with a work friend so I could get my wingman on for lovechild. (*side note, you should all know that going out on Saturdays is evil and everyone is mean to you) 

Anyway we went there and it was dead and my friend wasn't there yet, so Devy got picked up by her husband and we walked mortgage25 back to our accommodation so we could put on flat shoes, M25 went to bed and Lovechild and I went back out. 

We met up with my mate and then my wingman skills failed, totes because Saturday nights are evil, next thing I know it's close to 3am and Lovechild had left, I couldn't find my work friend and I have no idea of how long I'd been chilling by myself in the bar (stupid shots) SO I walked back to the accommodation and was locked out with 1% battery on my phone, so of course I cried and then luckily Lovechild had woken up and let me in. I fell asleep with my contacts in. 

Terrible messy night. At work today I was still feeling completely drunk, I have no idea how but I was completely messed up. It was a terrible day. I really hope that tomorrow I can power through so much work.

I also still managed to get to the gym today, I only burnt off about 360 calories, I felt really bad about that but i'm so sick of not being one of the pretty skinny girls when i'm out that i'm getting back on track with working out. I will have a summer body for the first time in years, I'm going to do it. 

I will start taking more photos etc so this blog isn't continuously boring. yay. 

Tuesday, 19 June 2012

Tuesday night blues

Ugh, not so much blues as if i'm sad, just typical me being exhausted. Working long hours, eating calorie controlled foods and exercising vigoriously kind of wear me out.

Maybe I should have listened to my old boss when he told me I was crazy for wanting to join the H.R team. I'm loving the challenge, but my brain is just mush after work, all I want to do is change into p.j's, crawl into bed and drink wine… not particularly in that order… ok, exactly in that order… mmm nom wine. Kidding guys.

Anyway the weeks are going really fast which is great but also whirlwind crazy. I wish the weekends could go slower.

My last weekend was full on, Thursday night I went and saw Mortgage25 after almost a year of our breakup, we drank marvellous wine and worked on our divorce, Lovechild was most impressed.

On Friday I went out to the pub with BallOfLove and another friend, we too drank wine, then we decided to go to Silks (local nightclub) it was so much fun, I was out without a faketan for the first time in months and I didn't care, we danced and ran amuk and drank the delicious ice water, then we shared a kebab and went home.

On Saturday I spent majority of the day dying, then slept and then Tallboy and B.I.L and I went to a burger place for dinner and went and saw the latest Adam Sandler movie.

On sunday it was M.I.L's birthday so we went to breakfast and then also had an afternoon with the full family, my Pa came down and spent the night too.

It was a very full on weekend, but it was great fun.

Yesterday after work I did RPM with Tallboy and then crashed really early and tonight I went to dinner with Tallboys family for B.I.L's birthday and we went bowling… I lost, terribly…bowling isn't my forte'

I really do need to start taking more photos.

Anyway I'm so crashing and going to bed. Loveeeeeeeeee being a nanna.


I'm funnier than you.

Saturday, 9 June 2012


I hope I can get out of my body issue funk soon.
I look in the mirror and just think 'ew' even though i've lost weight.
Hopefully it shifts really soon!!
Must keep trying.

UGH. What I miss most.

What I miss most about my teenage years is the fact that I truly had the best support network of girlfriends at that time. I was a part of a group of the most genuine and different girls ever. We called ourselves the RHG, we relied on each other, we never fought, we actually loved each other, we loved our faults, we took space if we needed it, we never apologised for being who we were.

I will never, ever, forgot those times, I will never, ever regret those times. They were bliss.

We used to go out every saturday night to our local nightclub and run amuk, we would play games like 'you have custody of Frank' and then we would try and save money by running around and sipping all of our friends drinks, we used to put our jumpers in trees so we didn't have to pay for the coat room and we would stay out for as long as possible.

We would have dance offs and request Beach Boys songs to be played at the night club, we would go to the beach play ground across from the night club and go on the slides and we made so many new friends together.

The best thing about us was our personalities, they all worked so well together, we were each others biggest fans and we actually couldn't get enough of them. We would go through struggles together, times of challenge and moments of euphoria.

We all loved scrubs, loved quoting lines from it, we loved making up our own games and the best thing was always talking about our crushes and the nights out that we had. We loved having subway dates, and hoodie / lolly beach dates. Our parties were always the funnest.

Eliza was definitely the hardest working, she moved away from W.A and on her own figured out how to fly herself back and financially support herself in order to be where she felt that she was most at home. She had the best sense offbeat sense of humour. Even before she moved she used to get up at 5am and catch a train and two busses or something crazy like that to get to work and then the same to get home and she would still always have the time to see us.

Of course things change and people get older but I will never regret anything I went through with those girls.

Elizas sense of humour - FUNNNYYYYYYY


Yay! My lazy weekend is here!!!

I've already been proactive and been to the gym! :) I'm really happy with myself and I did 10 pushups woo and did the plank for like 50 seconds. I did 20 minutes on the cross trainer and I even did lunges. GO ME!

Anyway now I have such a big urge to get my lip pierced but I'm so broke that I can't do it and I don't know what work would say because I do deal with clients at least once a week face to face, so not sure if I could get away with it or not.

My rest of the plans for today are general boring chores, then I think I'll go to the beach with the dogs (more working out yay!) and then I will see if I can work on my wall collage. Later I'm going to dinner with Tallboy.

I don't feel like hanging out with anyone today. I'm just happily buzzing around, lounging - watching cooking shows and then when I do some house stuff I'll crank some Motion City Soundtrack :)

Happy Saturday everyone :)

Thursday, 7 June 2012

Body image

Body Image Sucks.

I'm in so much pain from the workouts i've done this week, personal training on tuesday, rpm wednesday and more p.t tonight. I have bruises, my legs are caining, my tailbone and spine feel bruised, my lower abs are so sore, my turkeys and my arms are about to fall off. I know it will be worth it.

I have lost 8kg since the start of the year but I still feel disgusting. I'm just having a few 'fat' days but it's so annoying. I really hope that when I reach my goal weight 8-9 more kgs that I'll be happy and satisfied. I am not intending on stopping this life style change. I'm just worried that if I do reach my goal weight it won't be the same as what I used to look like. ugh. being a girl can be crap.

I'm exhausted, I had 3 hours sleep last night and I'm currently missing seeing my favourite band live. Such a shame that this entry is so boring. I'm going to sleep, I'm actually really excited to have a good sleep, I'll be listening to Silverstein for the next few weeks regretting that I didn't go tonight though.

One day I want to have my stomach and thighs look like this

Tuesday, 5 June 2012

Arms are going to fall off.

Oh dear, my arms are complete lead after tonights workout. SO Sore! But SO worth it.

So out of my list of things to do for the week that I set myself to do I have already completed some. 

Exercise each morning
Don't cry during Personal Training
Finish and resubmit my 2nd Tafe unit for the 3rd and final time
Eat well, drink lots of water and stay positive
Work hard at work
Stick to my budget
Be proactive after work before relaxing
Lose a kilo
Just try and get more out of each day 

Ok So this morning I set my alarm to get up early and work out to my 30 Day Shred DVD… It didn't work, sleep won that battle but I didn't feel terrible because I had Personal training tonight, which I didn't cry at!! Woooo mentality is coming back…. however I have power plate training on Thursday night and I hate that effing machine! I submitted my unit 2 again tonight so hopefully that is done and dusted. 

I ate alright today but that will be a constant task, I had a mini binge - 3 lollies, 4 maltesers and 3 burger rings but I'm like whatevs, Budget will be a bit term adjustment, smiling eh I do it when I'm not concentrating other wise it's just a down turn 'i'm concentrating face' I say tonight I was proactive after work because I went to Personal Training, then came home, made my dinner, fed the dogs and then sat down. Losing more weight will take time but i'm getting there!!! :) :) :) Can't believe i'm smaller than my wedding day - idiot. oh well, that's just me. 

Tomorrow I will try again to get up early and exercise, I'll also be going to Spin with Tallboy. Thursday night my old favourite band is in town and I'm tossing up whether to see them or not, I am such a Nanna now, I get tired at 9pm and go to bed by 10pm usually. Their gig is in Perth and they won't get on stage til about 10. Then I wouldn't be likely to get home until 1am or something and then have work the next day. I used to go to live gigs all the time and still go to work the next day but I just feel like I'd be exhausted. IDKKKKKK. ugggggghhhhh 18 year old me would be disgusted in 24 year old me. :( 

What to do what to doooooooo.

Below are photos of me when I was 18, 19 and 21ish? The last 3 times that I met Silverstein
Photos from Pauly's phone when Mortgage25 and I had no camera with us. 
They were all my heros. All of them. Helped me through so much. I miss them. I miss that girl. I miss those times. Being a teenager was amazing. 

My tiger stripe hair that I loved so much & the tiny waste i'm trying to get back.

My favourite Silverstein hoody that I can not find anywhere. 

The second time I met Silverstein. Spotted them and pointed, they laughed at me. It was amaze! 

Back at the last Soundwave I went to met them again. Ugh love. 

I think I gotta go and see them live again. I can sleep on Friday night right?? eeeeee. I'll keep you posted. 

Monday, 4 June 2012


This long weekend has been soooo good, I so don't want to go to work tomorrow, just a few more days off? Ugh. I've had such a good long weekend.

Yesterday I slept in and caught up with Haveachat, we went to a Tapas bar and shared a platter for two and drank Sangria, then went for a beach walk and just had a really good time. It was so good to see her again, she even gave me a usb with some wedding videos from her boyfriends iphone (so today I've been playing around with that trying to make a nice little wedding montage) after that I went home and chilled out for a bit and then I went out to dinner with Twinner, Lovechild and Partner, it was really really nice. We just caught up and had a really good time, then Partner went to work and Lovechild and I went to Twinners just to chill out and chat. I had so much fun.

Today I went to work with Tallboy to help him out with some stuff, then we went to lunch and shared a meal, then I came home and bummed around, I didn't resubmit tafe which I'm a bit disappointed in, but I will do it tomorrow night. Then Tallboys family came over for dinner.

Right now I should be sleeping but I can't sleep, I just had such a good weekend that I'm really sad that it's over. I've set my alarm super early so I can get up and do a workout DVD so hopefully I do get up, after the amount of food and alcohol i've had this weekend I really need to do it.

Next weekend I currently have no plans so I'm really happy, I want to finally do my feature wall of framed photos. Even though at present I don't have many photos I really want to make a start on it. I want it to be neat but unique, I want to put a round clock on the same wall but mesh it in with the different black square frames that I have. Eeee so excited. I want to just spend a weekend on the house, making it a bit more homey. EEEeeee I'm excited because it will be a short week and Saturday will be here in no time again :)

I also have some goals for this week:
Exercise each morning
Don't cry during Personal Training
Finish and resubmit my 2nd Tafe unit for the 3rd and final time
Eat well, drink lots of water and stay positive
Work hard at work
Stick to my budget
Be proactive after work before relaxing
Lose a kilo
Just try and get more out of each day :)

Saturday, 2 June 2012

I wear socks to bed

So apart from my night time habits i've had a productive two days I guess.

Went to work yesterday and it was hectticcc so much to do, it's good but very brain melting, by brain melting I mean you could for example go to the service station buy a drink worth $4.95, you could look in your hand and see 2x $2 dollar coins and 2x $1 dollar coins and then you could stare at them blankly, then look at the attendant and then stare at them blankly and hand them over to the attendant, only for her to give you a dollar out of your coins back… for example… totes hypothetic….yep… melted mushy brain…

Anyway I went home and got ready to go out with Ball of love, Shirbotski's Sister an Memma. We had pre-drinks at mine and then went to the Kite where I noticed I was very 6% due to my spray tan, had a few drinks and then got a taxi to the local club, it was a really good night. Memma and I keep dancing around stupid subjects when we're drunk & always get ourselves into trouble. Then we all got a lift home with Ball of Loves husband.

Memma and I woke up and were alright then went to her house for a bit. I definitely had the hangover 'lag' where I woke up ok but the rest of the day was sluggish as hell and everything was too much of a task. I did a lot around the house and I napped, hung out with my puppies, then Tallboy came home and we went out on a date, we saw 'what to expect when you're expecting' I guess you have to have been preggo to really enjoy it, it had some funny moments but not enough to make it bearable for me.

Apart from that the last two days have been a 'clean eating' fail. Biggest fail ever and I actually think the headache i've had all day is from re-introducing all the fats, sugars, carbs and toxins. ugh.

Honestly 2x Bottles of wine, pints of vodka and redbull, champagne, pulse, kebabs, party pies, quiche, sausage rolls, doritos, hungry jacks, nandos, mcflurries oh what have I done? 

Back to being clean tomorrow. I am going to go back to being quite strict on myself, I think with me it's all or nothing, I have extremely limited selfcontrol when it comes to binge eating, I have no idea why I enjoy it so much, I think I previously didn't loathe my body enough to care, but now I want to treat my body good, I want to feel good, I want the flat stomach and the thin thighs and the noticeable collar bones. 

I'm exhausted so I'm going to go to bed, in my mix matched socks, wrapped in a snug material cocoon of warmth. Yay for warmth and sleeping :)