Sunday, 21 October 2012

My book

So I've started writing my book. I have no depth to it. It has no storyline so far, but I have to say it makes me feel better.

here's a little bit:

He looked at me, it was such a caring and gentle gaze, he kindly brushed some stray hairs out of my face and before I knew it I had pushed myself into him, I kissed his face, his stubble grazed my face, I interlocked my mouth with his and to my surprise he was kissing me back, it was soft and passionate. I mirrored his actions and I latched onto the bottom of his lip giving it a gentle tug. I continued kissing him I couldn’t help myself and my hands were running through his hair. I felt as though I had been connected to him for hours but it had only been a few minutes until the drunken embrace was broken. My stomach was looping and I was euphoric, feeling some many emotions that I hadn’t felt for so long.


P.s my book isn't going to be a 50 shades of grey or a twilight, it's not sadistic, it's not pornographic. It's just something that I want to create for myself, something that has a happy ending.


This guy.
My heart is yours


I get so sooky when I'm sick. I can't help but think of how different my life would be if my mum were still here. I miss her everyday and I just wish that I could have her back. I have a good life, but it will never be complete. I love my husband and I love my friends, but there are days when it all goes wrong and all you need is the 'mum hug' just the fact that I can't just pick up the phone and call her sucks. I can't just call her and ask her for advice or meet up with her for a coffee. It's pretty fucking bullshit. She always said I could be anything that I wanted to be, she found her career that she loved when she was 40. I just really need her today.


I can't believe I'm still sick, got sick on Thursday, went home sick from work on Friday, felt ok on Saturday morning, got worse in the arvo and now Sunday night still have horrible fevers. Sucks a fat one that's for sure.

I was supposed to start back at the gym tomorrow but that's not going to happen when I have such a hot fever. I'll have to focus on getting better and then get back to it. I'm still going to eat healthy and get back on track with eating well.

Tallboy and I have started paining the house. Only little bits and pieces but I'm so excited that we are working on it. I can't wait until we've done the walls and then once that's done new floors, skirting boards and then I can work on accessorising the house!
New curtains, shower curtains, wall art!!, chandeliers and rugs. It's going to be amazing!

I can't wait. My fever is getting worse so i'm out.

*le sigh*


Monday, 8 October 2012

My Olsen Twins Wedding

OMG you guys! It's finally happened, Memma is OFF the Market.
Captain Planet finally proposed to her, in a plane no doubt, pfft of course he'd do it in a plane, he's got to be in the sky being Captain Planet and all.

Congratulations Memma, you are going to be the most stunning bride & i'm going to be crying like crazy.

Memma got engaged on saturday and its only Monday night now and we've probably texted each other about 8 million messages, pictures of rings (Memma get's to choose or make her own - lucky thing) & we have be researching venues like crazy.

I'm so happy for her & I'm actually really excited to be able to help plan a wedding that isn't mine. SO much more fun that way.

:) :)

Sunday, 7 October 2012

Last month I went to my brothers wedding, it was so beautiful and I felt so blessed to be a part of it. It was a beautiful ceremony and reception and I had so much fun. Grant and his wife are now roaming around europe having the time of their lives. I'm so jelly.

A picture from our wedding photos love it so much :)

just exploring Perth.

My lunch today, just because.

Our House! Tallboy and I are currently going to renovate. At this point in time we need to paint all of the walls, do feature walls, get wedding photos and other prints ordered for hanging, get new bed covers and all of that. but it's just nice to finally have all of the rooms de-cluttered. 

Monday, 1 October 2012


Another update because I've been so slack. I honestly think that lounging and relaxing should be a sport I would win at it. I love wasting my days just plodding around doing nothing, watching mindless tv and looking at pretty things online. It's kind of really terrible how much I love it. I mean this whole long weekend the weather has been insane like too good to spend inside, but i've spent it inside anyway. I need to work on that.

This weekend was a long weekend, ugh so good! So sad to go back to work tomorrow.

Friday night tallboy and I went out to dinner and a movie. We saw Looper, it was actually pretty good for an action movie.
On Saturday I was supposed to do my Tafe work whilst Tallboy went to stupid bucks party (I hate strippers, stupid sluzzies.) then my Partner in crime came over, we drank and caught up, I made us dinner while we just continued to drink and laugh. It was really nice.
On Sunday Tallboy came home, we went to the movies again (he just loves the movies) we saw Bait in 3D it was the worst movie ever, truly terrible. We also went to masters and bought some paint to start on our house make over. I painted a little bit of the house and then Memma came over to hang out with us for a bit it was really nice.
Today Tallboy was in a really lazy mood, he just wanted to chill out and not do much, so I spent the day just chilling with him, we painted our breakfast bar and started on some other house make over things. It was really nice. I'll start doing some before and after photos but our house is going to be a long process. I'm excited for the end result but I know it will take a long time.

I've also started writing a book, just something stupid to make me feel better about not using my 'writing' ability. Maybe I'll be able to put some sort of thrill or twist into it so it becomes something sellable but for right now it's just mishmash crap.