Sunday, 30 December 2012

House Make Over

So I've been online 'window' shopping looking at all the items I dream of one day owning.
For months I have been wanting some shower curtains and wall art from urban outfitters, my gorgeous Tallboy just told me to finally commit and buy the items and when I finally get the checkout, Of course, they don't ship the items to Australia.


So that really sucks. So now i'm just continuing to try and find Australian Online Homeware stores with prints etc, i'm drowning my sorrows with ice cream, i'm going to paint my nails and Pitch Perfect is on.

Anyway, here are some other items that I really would like to own one day.

I am in love with this clock but it's sold out.

Saturday, 29 December 2012


I am loving holidays. They have been amazing. The first week off is almost over and i've done so much, gone out in the city, gone out local, had lunch dates, spent two and half days painting and finishing the whole paint job on the house, and tomorrow I will get the house cleaned up and sorted (work on that decluttering.) I'm also going to pop down to the shops to get a few decor pieces. Yay.
Here are some before and after pictures, not very good ones purely because I was way too exhausted today to take any proper ones.

Kitchen and living area before (featuring my ugly old wall collage (let's call it the trial run) ) :

Kitchen and Living area after:

I'm really pleased with the colours and I know what decor I'm going to get so i'm so excited. Next thing for us to get changed are the floors (from vinyl to floorboards) and then we will work on the back yard. Yay. 

It's almost that time again - Resolutions

So last year I made a few resolutions, they were -

1. Lose Weight - I get a C for effort.
I did manage to lose a shit load of weight, I did not manage to keep it off :(!!!
I am now back to where I started so I'm pretty upset about that, but I'm still aiming to lose weight again and find the lifestyle that allows me to keep it off.

2. Break my obsession with breakfast coke - A++++, I passed that one very well.

3. Donate more blood - F.
I haven't had an opportunity to do it at all.

4. Housey, Housey, Housey - B-.
We finally just finished painting the house (after being here for 8 months.)
Finally it is starting to shape up the way we wanted.
It isn't minimalist as of yet, but i'm trying to de-clutter it.
I'm pretty happy with how it is going :)

5. Be happy. I'm working on it. I'm happy in my life, i'm working on my weight, and I'm going to try and change jobs.



1. Lose weight and keep it off, this will always be something that I try to accomplish.
2. Housey - Get started on the minimialisticness that I want for the house, declutter and get the edgy cute things that i've always wanted. Start on the wall collage, get the new cushions for the spare rooms etc.
3. Stay Happy - Try and be positive in what aspects you can be.
4. Maintenance - I want to try and ensure that I do keep up appearances, get the hair and nails done or keep them tidy etc. It will just make me feel better etc.

Thursday, 20 December 2012


What an emotionally deflating and draining day.
Nothing makes you lose motivation more than realising how your workplace really see's you.

I'm done.

Sunday, 9 December 2012

What a weekend.

I've had such a crazy few weeks lately. I'll try to get back into blogging but i've definitely lost my creative edge, kind of like writers block. I really like to let my blog have no filter and I love it to not be 'forced' but I do feel that my humour has been lagging. Hopefully it'll come back if some exciting things happen soon.

Anyway I've had an amazing weekend.

On Friday morning I went down south with Tallboys family for Willys and Tanya's magical wedding (Tallboy was in the bridal party for a wedding so he was already with the groom down south.) The M.I.L and her family took me down south with them and we had a stunning lunch at the Eagle Bay Brewery. It was absolutely delicious, the best thing about down south is the food, as it's so fresh and all grown locally.

Eaglebay brewery soooo pretty

In the Arvo we went to our accommodation which were little cabins on farm stays and I just hung out with the M.I.L and her sisters, and then all the other relatives, the american nanny Tessa and all of Willy's little brothers and sisters (ranging from 5 - 10 years old), children scare the shit out of me, honestly they are little humans that can talk and scream and they sense your fear of them, but it was ok after about 5 hours we kind of became awkward friends so that was good.

The farmstay had animals so we took the kids to see those, it was pretty cute.

Rosie and Ruby with Tessa the farm dog.

A lot of bad food was consumed and the kids we entertaining especially Eddie (who I am currently plotting to steal) with his favourite youtube song, see below; it made me crack up, definitely makes me think that someone who was drunk created it.

 If you see the below child (Eddie) missing, it's because I've stolen him.

Then on Friday night at 10pm the F.I.L and B.I.L arrived, B.I.L and I stayed up being best friends forever, talking about amazing book ideas so I can be a famous and very rich author one day.

On Saturday we fed the farm animals with the kids.

After that the whole family (20ish of us) went into Yallingup and had coffees then went to the beach, it was beautiful, the weather was perfect. 

Amazing location

Me, Tessa (American Nanny) and Eddie.

We then got ready for the wedding that was being held at a Winery Estate.

The Estate was beautiful, so lush and green with perfect views and beautiful gardens, Tanya was a gorgeous bride in a stunning gown and it was a really nice ceremony. The reception was held at the Duckstein brewery and it was gorgeous! It had the most stunning view of a take and the sky above it with cracked clouds showing glorious sky light was just insane. The speeches were beautiful and the company was fantastic, it was such a special night and I feel very blessed to have been a part of it. I so wish them every happiness in the world & now they are off to Hawaii together.

Mermaid Bun hair 

Phoebe loving the purple skittles. 

On Sunday I woke up feeling a bit sorry for myself but that was self inflicted. We spent more time with the family and then headed back home.

I also baked a cake, but I don't like to follow recipes and I used the wrong flour so my banana cake turned into a solid gross 2cm lump of yuk. yay for me.

Tomorrow I still have a day off work which is truly such an amazing feeling after such a full on weekend, so I'm going to do some chores around the house, go to a special appointment and then hopefully catch up with some friends.